Amanda Bynes Is Doing Incredibly Well Under Parent’s Conservatorship: ‘Amanda’s Doing Fantastic’

Jason MerrittGetty Images

It’s been a long road for troubled actress Amanda Bynes but each and every year, she’s getting better.

Back in 2014, Amanda’s mother, Lynn, was named conservator over her daughter. This means that Lynn has full power over many of Amanda’s decisions including health and medical decision-making. And according to People, Amanda’s lawyer, Tamar Arminak, says that the 32-year-old is doing very well now.

“Finally she is surrounded by friends and companions she can trust and really open up to. She feels free to be herself, which brings her so much happiness and excitement for the future. She is looking forward to graduating and the next phase of her life.”

Arminak also says that it has been helpful for Amanda to see so many of her other celebrity counterparts being so open about their struggles with depression and addiction, and it is giving Amanda a new confidence to be open and honest about her own problems. And since Bynes has been doing so well as of late, her mother recently let Amanda take over her finances again. Now, the court feels as though Bynes and her family can take care of her finances privately since it is being handled so well.

Currently, the lawyer says that Amanda’s conservatorship can end at anytime prior to 2020, but since things are going so well between Amanda and her parents, the conservatorship is the last thing that is on their minds.

“The fact that Amanda is living on her own, making her own decisions and future plans is something her parents are so proud of.”

And since things are going so well for Amanda, she is looking to get back into acting.

“I want to do TV, maybe a few guest spots on some shows that I’m a fan of and maybe another TV show that I’m the star of it,” she said.

The last movie that Amanda appeared in came in 2010 when she starred alongside Emma Stone in one of Stone’s breakout roles in Easy A. And as Bynes continues to do better, she has been thanking her fans for sticking by her during a rough patch.

“My dearest fans, thank you for all the support throughout the year and every year. I know I’ve been so quiet lately, I just felt that I needed my personal space and that it’d be better for me but it never was … just know that you’re my happiness,” she wrote on Instagram in June.

It was in 2012 that Bynes dealt with a number of issues including two DUIs and two hit and run charges.