August 9, 2018
John Stamos Posts Smokin' Photos Of Wife Caitlin McHugh In A Bikini

John Stamos took to Instagram stories to share some smokin' videos of his wife. He posted videos of Caitlin McHugh doing a little dance in a couple of small bikinis. In one video, Caitlin is wearing a bright neon-yellow bikini with the caption, "MILF-wife life." The second video is a close-up video of Caitlin wearing a white bikini with the caption, "Good gosh," as she smiles and plays with her hair.

Caitlin gave birth to son Billy in April but has obviously gotten her pre-pregnancy body back already. Yesterday, she shared an Instagram story of her bikini body but was met with an internet troll who sent her a DM saying, "You're a mother now. Gross, tattoo and all." Caitlin clapped back at the troll and said, "Not as gross as trolling."

So Stamos, being the supportive husband that he is, posted some videos of his own just a day later, detailed ET.

The happy couple has already expressed that they're ready to add more kids to their family. Caitlin said that "[Billy] needs [siblings] to keep him grounded. If he's the only one, he'll get way too much love because there hasn't been a child on either side of our family in quite some time."

It's a bit surprising anyhow to hear that someone trolled Caitlin for her looks. Plenty of women show off their bikini bodies after having kids, and she looks great anyhow.

For Caitlin, returning to work was an exciting time for her. On July 20, she said that "After a long hiatus (growing a baby) I am getting back in the game!" And Stamos, who's constantly praising his wife, couldn't help but comment that "YOU'RE SO HOT! Don't tell my wife I left this message," according to Us Weekly.

Only time will tell to see how many kids the happy couple may have in the future. At the least, Stamos said that he doesn't mind changing diapers because "It's the only time I really have [Billy] alone, without people around."

John and Caitlin dated for around two years before he proposed to her in October 2017. He got down on one knee at iconic Disneyland. They married in February in Studio City, California, at the Little Brown Church, detailed Us Weekly. It was only two months later that Caitlin gave birth to Billy.

One source claims that John doesn't necessarily want to have any more kids, considering that he's older. However, they said that "John's so crazy about Caitlin that he can't deny her anything," reported Radar Online.