Jedi Kitten: The Force Is Strong With This One [Video]

Luke Skywalker isn’t the only Jedi who quickly picked up on how to use the force. For example, Jedi Kitten also figured out the secrets of the Jedi in record time.

YouTube user FinalCutKing posted his Jedi Kitten with the Force video on January 29, 2013, and it has already received more than 85,000 pageviews.

The premise for the video is simple: A kitten watches Yoda use the force via laptop and then the kitten tries out the force on its own.

So what does a cat do with the force? It attempts to lift fish out of the water, of course! Then the cat chokes its owner with help from its new found Jedi powers.

So, is this cat going the way of the Dark Side to join Darth Vader? Knowing the evil intentions cats tend to have, I’m betting on a turn for the worse.

Also, this cat is really deadly. After all, it’s the only Jedi with nine lives.

We have been riding the Star Wars train a lot over the last few days. Did you see the Darth Vader castrated by little boy post?

Check out the Jedi Kitten full length video here: