Ravens Cheerleader Barred From Super Bowl

One of the Baltimore Ravens veteran cheerleaders has been barred from the Super Bowl.

Courtney Lenz, 23, didn’t violate any team rules or do anything particularly offensive. According to Good Morning America, Lenz wasn’t invited to the Super Bowl this year because she announced her retirement at the end of the regular season.

Lenz, who has been on the team for five years, says that she deserves a spot on the Super Bowl squad.

Lenz said:

“They’ve been really hard on me this year since I told them I was leaving … I was the only three-plus year veteran that [is] not going. I immediately thought it was a mistake.”

The Ravens said that Lenz didn’t get an invite simply because she didn’t make the cut. The team is allowed to bring 32 cheerleaders to the Super Bowl and Lenz simply wasn’t one of their top cheerleaders.

Spokeswoman Heather Harness said:

“As set by the NFL, we are permitted to bring 32 cheerleaders to the Super Bowl. Our selection process was based upon three criteria: seniority, performance ability and personal conduct throughout the season. As much as we would like to take the whole team, we are unable to do so, due to parameters set by the NFL.”

Do you think Lenz should be going to the Super Bowl?

The 23-year-old cheerleader has a lot of fans and at least one of them has started a petition to get Lenz to the big game.

The petition, which has more than 10,000 signatures, reads:

“The fans of our beloved Baltimore Ravens’ Cheerleader, Courtney L, petition the Director of the team all others in the Front Office that were involved to allow Courtney to perform with her teammates at the Mercedes Benz Superdome for the Super Bowl XLVII game. She deserves to retire at the last game of the football season with her teammates for all the hard work, dedication, long hours and commitment she portrayed with utmost class style over the past 5 years for your organization!”

What do you think? The Baltimore Ravens are letting Ray Lewis at the Super Bowl. Should they let Courtney Lenz do the same?