Tom Cruise Is Desperate To Curtail Son’s Vaping Habit, Reports ‘Radar Online’

Mike CarlsonGetty Images

Tom Cruise is really not a fan of his son Connor’s new cigarette smoking alternative, vaping, and he wants him to stop. But Connor Cruise, 23, is an adult and isn’t interested in being told what to do. But within the realm of Scientology, this might not be up to Connor.

Radar Online says that Tom Cruise has told Connor to quit vaping or else he is going to be sent to Scientology Detox. Connor used to smoke cigarettes but has switched over to the smoke-free alternative, and his father isn’t having it, as he considers it a form of addiction and dependency.

A Cruise insider says that Tom has reached out to Scientology experts at Narconon for advice.

“Tom thinks addiction in any form is weak. He is encouraging Connor to make the most of Narconon to help him with his behavior.”

Tom Cruise is a big supporter of the Scientology detox which reportedly involves high dose “vitamin bombs” and the ingestion of vegetable oil. Many consider the alternative therapy quackery as it includes cleansing the body through hours in a sauna.

Former Scientology member Steven Mango says that the Narconon treatment almost killed him.

“I almost died on the program … It’s not safe!”

But a friend of Connor Cruise says that Tom’s son is an adult and smoking is legal.

“Connor argues that loads of Scientologists smoke. — so he should be left alone.”

Connor Cruise is now living in Clearwater, Florida, where the Scientology headquarters are located, says People Magazine. Connor used to DJ but now he reportedly spends his time deep sea fishing, according to friends.

“Connor has a pretty simple life in Clearwater. He lives in his own home in a Scientology community. His life is deep-sea fishing. He has a lot of friends and seems very well-liked.”

Nicole Kidman, the former wife of Tom Cruise and adoptive mother of Connor, left the Church of Scientology when she split with Tom Cruise and seems to have a less controlling relationship with Connor which doesn’t involve the church in any way.

Kidman talked about the relationships between parents and children, and how parents mold their children and then have to let go. She said she thinks about her mother and her children when she gets a reward or accolade.

“That’s a big thing when you have a mother who has helped shape you and probably didn’t have the career she deserved. So in some ways, that’s my way of going, ‘Look, Mama, look! This is yours too.'”