Devin Riley Has Home Searched By Police In Connection With Mollie Tibbetts Disappearance

Devin fears he might've been the last person to see Mollie before she disappeared.

Mollie Tibbetts Case
Iowa Department of Criminal Investigation / AP Images

Devin fears he might've been the last person to see Mollie before she disappeared.

An Iowa man named Devin Riley fears he may have been the last person to see Mollie Tibbetts.

As those who have been following the story know, Mollie was reported missing by those close to her after she failed to show up to work. The 20-year-old was home for the summer and was spending the night alone at her boyfriend’s house. She was dog sitting while her boyfriend, Dalton Jack, was over 100 miles away at a job.

Entering week three of Mollie’s disappearance, authorities remain tight-lipped about a lot of details related to the case, including whether they believe Tibbetts went missing that night or the next morning before work. Authorities also have not released much information in the way of witnesses.

ABC News reports Devin sat down with Good Morning America today for an exclusive interview about how he may have been the last person to see Mollie before she disappeared.

“I wish I did know more, but I dread that maybe I was the last person to see her,” Riley said during Good Morning America. “I remembered seeing her that night. I just felt very weird. Who knows when she was taken in that timeline, but I don’t know what happened.”

Devin explained he reached out to local authorities after recognizing the picture of Mollie on social media. He recalled it was about 9 p.m. when he saw Mollie jogging past his house on July 18.

“I’ve seen her probably three to four times per week. She’d kind of jog down the street and towards the hill. I thought nothing of it until I heard somebody was missing, and it really hit me that I hadn’t seen that runner since then.”

“I remember her,” he added as he recalled what she was wearing during the jog. “She was wearing like a neon pink sports bra with black khaki yoga pants and an armband with her music device, or phone… hair in a ponytail, just jogging like normal, any other day.”

During the interview, Riley explained that he was hesitant to come forward with this information. He, however, ultimately decided to come forward anyway after seeing the pleas from Mollie’s family and friends on social media. Shortly after contacting authorities with what he knew, he noted that it wasn’t long before they showed up at his door with questions and a request to search his property.

Devin recalled feeling terrified and panicking as the police did a walk-through of his home.

“It was pretty terrifying at the beginning because I didn’t know what was going on. I panicked and I put my girls in the bathroom, but they were really polite… just did the walk through and were out in like 10 to 15 minutes.”

According to authorities, they have received over 800 tips related to the missing person’s case. As recently reported by Inquisitr, many members of Mollie’s family, including her father and her brother, still believe she is alive and well. Her father, in particular, draws his hope from the fact that they have not discovered a body.

Both Devin and Mollie’s father believe this story is drawing so much attention and support because everyone has a friend, sister, or daughter like Mollie.

Toward the end of the interview, Devin opened up about how “gut-wrenching” this story is given the fact that he is a father.

“You assume when you move to a small town that pretty much everyone is close close-knit, everyone knows everyone… you just do not expect it to happen in a town like this.”