October 30, 2018
Brazilian Man Arrested For Beating His Wife Moments Before She Fell To Her Death, Captured By Viral Video

In a viral video that is quickly picking up steam due to the shocking and horrific nature of the contents, a Brazilian man can be seen slapping, kicking, and roughing up his significant other by applying brute force in a parking garage and in an elevator. Following the physical fracas, the woman escapes to their shared apartment, where she would later fall from the balcony, plunging to her death.

The surveillance footage as posted to YouTube continues to show her husband quickly moving to retrieve her body, dragging it back into the elevator, then using a cloth to try and wipe away the blood from the floor and from the elevator car.

Newsweek reports that the husband in question, Luís Felipe Manvailer, has been arrested in connection with the event. The case against him appears damning given the incontrovertible nature of the leaked surveillance tape, which goes on for some minutes with Manvailer physically assaulting his wife, manhandling her with ease, and chasing her when she attempts to flee.

When questioned by law enforcement officials investigating him for the murder of his wife of five years, Tatiane Spitzer, Manvailer allegedly told investigators that she jumped off the balcony, according to The New York Times.

Viewers are not able to see an ominous 15-minute gap in the surveillance footage wherein the couple is in their own apartment. During this time, the beatings are believed to have continued, with The New York Times reporting that neighbors are on record as having allegedly heard desperate screams for help prior to Ms. Spitzer's fatal fall.

Authorities report no formal claims or complaints registered by Manvailer's wife of five years during the course of their relationship. However, on the July 22 iteration of popular television show "Fantástico" in which this incident was first brought to light in Brazil, a lifelong friend of Ms. Spitzer claims that the victim often displayed bruises on her arms and had sent her a WhatsApp message stating that her husband "hated her to death."

The disturbing example of partner-on-partner harm has created a new firestorm of public debate in Brazil surrounding the issue of domestic violence, a nation which has a popular maxim which reads -- "When it's a fight between husband and wife, don't stick a spoon in."

Social media activists have challenged this traditional position, simply posting #metaAcolher or "stick a spoon in," referencing the popular colloquialism and rejecting the notion that domestic violence is something to simply wave off or to ignore.

On popular social media outlet Instagram, Tatiane Spitzer's surviving sister Luana has created a page entitled TodosPorTatiane -- translating into English as "Everyone For Tatiane" -- which has been followed by over 100,000 users. Therein, she implores visitors to remember that "Violence leaves marks. Not seeing them leaves femicides."


Brazil ranks seventh in the world in terms of female homicide victims -- or femicide -- with nearly double the rate of female victims than that found in the United States.