Newly Released Video Of Mollie Tibbetts Day Before She Went Missing Gives Family Hope She Will Be Found

The search for the missing university sophomore enters its third week.

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The search for the missing university sophomore enters its third week.

A recently released video is offering up some evidence of what missing university sophomore Mollie Tibbetts was up to the day before her strange disappearance, according to CBS — through the video offers scant detail as to her current whereabouts.

The video is also providing a note of inspiration and encouragement to friends and family members still searching extremely hard to find their lost loved one, lending them hope and a positive outlook as the search for the absent young woman enters its third week, having yet to bear fruit.

The video in question gives an account of Tibbetts as cheerful and in wonderful spirits, nothing present in her disposition or her tone of voice that would indicate a surplus of stress or other mental or emotional duress, according to local broadcaster KCCI8.

Mollie Tibbetts was last seen on July 18 and is an incoming sophomore at the University of Iowa in addition to her duties as a camp counselor. One of her colleagues from camp, Jarrett Rose, is the person responsible for posting the newly released video. She took the time to share a few words and a bit of insight with Inside Edition.

“She’s always having fun with kids… the kids love her and that was a video that was pure Mollie, just her having fun.”

Additional videos have surfaced showing Tibbetts speaking about the power of prayer and positivity, according to CBS. Her speech — which took place during a faith event being coordinated at her high school in 2016 — gestures towards the importance of a relationship with God and the perseverance and personal strength that she found in her relationship with a higher power. Tibbetts concludes the video with an exhortation for those listening to focus on at least one thing they are good at, pointing out that everyone has a skill or a talent, even if that talent is simply being “a good person.”

It appears to be giving a second wind of hope to her family, who shared the three-and-a-half minute speech with the simple caption of “Please keep praying.”

The current reward for the safe return of the young woman lies at just over $301,000.

Law enforcement officials have been investigating the disappearance for some time, having found the body of an unidentified woman of approximately the same age and description — though they do not believe these to be the remains of Mollie Tibbetts, according to CBS.

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Police continue to ask the public for any and all information pertinent to the case to be brought forward, reminding all concerned that no piece of information is too trivial to be brought forth.

A news conference briefing stakeholders, as well as the public on the current status of the investigation, is scheduled to take place tomorrow.