‘Property Brothers’ Star Teases Lance Bass’ Involvement In Brady Bunch House Renovation On Twitter

Just when the ex-boybander thought he said 'bye bye bye' to the property, he may still have a hand in its restoration.

Jonathan and Drew Scott at Arclight Hollywood
Willy Sanjuan / AP Images

Just when the ex-boybander thought he said 'bye bye bye' to the property, he may still have a hand in its restoration.

Just days after learning that HGTV won the bid for the iconic Brady Bunch home over Lance Bass, could a new collaboration be in order where, like a storyline from the 70s TV series, everything works out in the end?

Star of the HGTV series Property Brothers Jonathan Scott opened up about what the home means to him on Twitter and hinted not only might he may have a hand in remodeling it, Bass could potentially be involved as well!

‘NSYNC alum Lance Bass noted in a Twitter post, “HGTV??! Aw man. I’d be pretty upset if it were anyone else, but how can you be mad at HGTV?? My television is stuck on that channel. Kudos HGTV, I know you will do the right thing with the house. That was always my biggest worry. I can smile again.”

In response, Scott penned, “Would LOVE to work with you. This is such an iconic home and it really played an important part of my childhood reinforcing strong family values. #BradyBunchHouse #hgtv.”

On August 5, Bass revealed on Twitter that he had put an offer in on the property, which served as the infamous exterior of the Brady family home in the show’s opening credits.

The Brady Bunch ran on the ABC network from 1969 to 1974.

Bass kept fans informed on the status of his bid, noting that he lost out on the house in a bidding war with a then-undisclosed Hollywood buyer.

He revealed he was “heartbroken” after his offer was initially accepted and then, turned down. Apparently, the singer’s bid what he said was “WAY over” the $1.85 million asking price, but was turned down after a buyer with what he called “unlimited resources” came in.

In a statement shared by People, Discovery Inc. CEO David Zaslay noted, “I am excited to share that HGTV is the winning bidder and will restore the Brady Bunch home to its 1970s glory as only HGTV can.”

“More detail to come over the next few months but we’ll bring all the resources to bear to tell safe, fun stories with this beloved piece of American TV history.”

The network has not confirmed the participation of Jonathan Scott, Drew Scott, or Bass in the restoration of his iconic piece of television history.

In February of 2018, HGTV inked a new multi-year deal with Property Brothers stars Jonathan and Drew Scott, which will allow them to develop a new show and maintain their four existing ones for the foreseeable future.