NWA Champion Nick Aldis Reveals Why He’s Not In WWE And Seemingly Calls Out Triple H


On September 1, 2018, NWA World Heavyweight Champion Nick Aldis will defend the “10 Pounds of Gold” against former WWE superstar Cody Rhodes at All In. Recently, Nick Aldis was a guest on Sirius XM’s Busted Open Radio, and the English wrestler revealed why he isn’t in WWE UK and what he thinks on the collaboration of All In, and Aldis seemingly called out Triple H.

In regard to Aldis not having an interest in the WWE UK, it seems the NWA world heavyweight champion feels he is making more money in what he is doing now, as EWrestling transcribed.

“People ask me about WWE UK, I’m like ‘are you kidding me?’ Not to disparage any of those guys but I’ve deposited more money in my bank account in one week than some of those guys are going to make in half a year on that contract.”

Aldis added that his comments weren’t a knock on the WWE UK wrestlers, but he’s betting on himself in this business, and he has no interest on taking pay cut to wrestle for the WWE. The NWA champion has said that he will defend the “10 Pounds of Gold” anywhere and any place. Busted Open Radio’s Bully Ray, better known to the WWE universe as Bubba Ray Dudley, said that many fans, including himself, will take that as Aldis even defending the title in the WWE. Though he didn’t mention him by name, Nick’s answer seemingly called out Triple H, as reported by EWrestling.

“They can take it however they want. It’s my understanding that a certain man who has a lot of power in that company who I have modeled myself after a lot over the years, has a replica of the 10 Pounds Of Gold on his office wall. All I’m saying is if he ever wants an opportunity to hold the real one in his hands, all he’s gotta do is pick up the phone.”

Nick Aldis does have a similar persona as Triple H, especially when “The Game” was part of Evolution. Photos of Triple H’s office show a collection of numerous wrestling championships from all over the world, so it’s likely that the NWA champion was calling out “The Game” in his comments.

Aldis also talked about the collaborative effort from a variety of superstars to make All In happen. He said that when you get efforts like this in professional wrestling, that’s when you get the best in the business. He knocked on larger companies that stifle wrestlers’ ideas. Nick Aldis said that the best way to make a wrestling show successful is to harness what the talent brings to the table, especially their brains.