Heather Locklear’s Friends Say That Troubled Star Is Still Acting The Same During Rehab Per ‘Radar Online’

Heather Locklear
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While she may have still be in rehab after being committed to the psych ward this past June, Heather Locklear’s friends fear that the troubled star is still exhibiting the same behavior as she did prior to her stint in rehab.

Heather’s issues reportedly came to a head over jealousy issues with her fiancé Chris Heisser, according to Radar Online. And now that she is in rehab trying to get herself in a better state of mind, her close pals think that she is already back to her old ways, including “out-of-control jealousy.”

“Heather is still crazy jealous and keeping tabs on her man even when she’s been away from him. She’s still acting the same. She wants to know where he is, and who he’s with. And that’s what led to their fights before,” an insider dished.

And it doesn’t help that Locklear can have her phone with her during her stay in rehab, says the source. This means that Locklear can still stay in touch with the outside world and also keep tabs on her man. Locklear has been calling Heisser and she has also been “trolling” on social media. This is why her friends don’t think that Heather’s inpatient treatment will work.

“Chris totally accommodates her and tells her his whereabouts and the people who are with him. He wants to make her feel better and more secure while she’s away,” the source recounted.

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And while the source does think that Heisser truly has Heather’s best interest at heart, that doesn’t mean that he’s necessarily doing the right thing by being at her beckon call.

“If he still feels the need to prove to her who he’s with and what he’s doing all the time, then it’s going to end up in another explosion right when she gets out.”

Heather has already had her fair share of legal problems this year. As the Inquisitr reported back in June, Locklear was rushed to the hospital after police were called to her home on a report that someone had overdosed. A video showed an ambulance leaving Locklear’s Thousands Oaks, California, house just shortly after she returned home from prison.

The previous evening, Locklear was arrested after one of her concerned family members called the police when Locklear became intoxicated and was ranting. The week prior to that incident, Heather was arrested after an altercation with her mother and father. It was reported that the actress became so agitated before she was supposed to be hospitalized, that she physically harmed both of her parents.

She was also arrested following a fight with Chris Heisser after she allegedly found out that he was cheating on her. Police were called after she threw a Red Bull at him and when police arrived, Locklear kicked one of the deputies in the shin before pushing two other police officers.

It is unclear how long Heather will stay in rehab.