Omarosa Recorded President Trump During Private Discussions With Him, Reports ‘The Daily Beast’

President Donald Trump will surely be fuming if Omarosa indeed recorded some of her private conversations with them and incorporated them into 'Unhinged'

President Donald Trump and Omarosa Manigault-Newman
Diego Corredor / Diego Corredor/MediaPunch/IPx

President Donald Trump will surely be fuming if Omarosa indeed recorded some of her private conversations with them and incorporated them into 'Unhinged'

Omarosa Manigault-Newman has known President Donald Trump for a long time and she was involved in both his campaign and administration for a while. Things got ugly when she left the White House and it didn’t take long for her to tease that she would be writing a tell-all book sharing her experiences and everything she knows about Trump. Now, reports are emerging that Omarosa secretly recorded some conversations she had with the president and these could generate a lot of waves.

As those following this tumultuous presidency will remember, former FBI Director James Comey exclaimed during his testimony in front of the Senate Intelligence Committee, “Lordy, I hope there are tapes.” At that time, he was saying that he would be thrilled for the president to have taped their conversations as Trump had insinuated had happened. Comey was confident that his version of their discussions would be confirmed if tapes were produced, despite Trump claiming otherwise.

No tapes between Comey and Trump have ever emerged. However, secretly recorded conversations between the president and his former lawyer and “fixer” Michael Cohen have caused a great deal of chaos within the White House. Now, according to the Daily Beast, Omarosa seemingly has tapes to utilize as well.

The outlet details that, according to multiple sources, Omarosa has multiple secretly-recorded conversations with Trump. Reportedly, those recordings were used while she was shopping around her upcoming book titled Unhinged. Rumors had been making the rounds that Manigault-Newman might have recordings from her time in the president’s inner circle, but now some sources are sharing that they’ve heard the tapes themselves.

So far, the buzz is that these recorded conversations between Omarosa and Trump are fairly tame, lacking any explosive revelations. Of course, it may well be that the former Apprentice star and ally of the president has only shared the most mundane of the recordings so far, saving the stunning ones for later.

The Hill notes that Unhinged will be available beginning on August 14. Omarosa has not yet confirmed the existence of these supposed recordings, and her publisher seems to be playing coy. Simon & Schuster told the Daily Beast that they wouldn’t comment on specific contents of the book, but that they were confident Manigault-Newman could substantiate all of her claims.

While Omarosa was a staunch supporter of Trump prior to her exit from the administration, she’s been vocal in her opposition since then. She shared buzzworthy soundbites during her time on Celebrity Big Brother after her White House exit, and Trump has reportedly expressed his anger privately about her perceived betrayal. If indeed Manigault-Newman secretly recorded some of her conversations with the president, it seems likely that he’ll take to Twitter and make his fury widely known.

Will Omarosa Manigault-Newman’s book Unhinged be as explosive as she claims? Will President Donald Trump and his team manage to effectively diffuse any of the buzz the release generates? The book will be released in a matter of days and this one will definitely have people talking.