‘The Bachelor’ Experience Was A Rough One For Charlie O’Connell, Details Brother Jerry O’Connell

Charlie O'Connell's 'Bachelor' experience was a very stressful one for him, brother Jerry recounts

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Charlie O'Connell's 'Bachelor' experience was a very stressful one for him, brother Jerry recounts

Long before Arie Luyendyk Jr. shocked Bachelor fans last winter by dumping fiancee Becca Kufrin to reunite with runner-up Lauren Burnham, Charlie O’Connell was the lead and had a somewhat controversial ending. Actor Jerry O’Connell is Charlie’s brother and he briefly opened up this week about what a difficult experience doing that Bachelor season was for his brother at the time.

As Bachelor fans will remember, Charlie O’Connell headlined Season 7 back in 2005. Rather than do a traditional final rose ceremony, Charlie initially asked for more time and he dated both finalists post-filming. He spent time with both Sarah Brice and Krisily Kennedy in the real world and chose Sarah in the finale.

They dated for a couple of years, split in large part to alcohol issues of Charlie’s, and reunited about a year later. Brice and O’Connell went on to date again for some time, living together in Los Angeles, but the Bachelor pair split for good after five years of on-and-off dating.

This week, Jerry O’Connell did some dishing on his brother’s experience during a chat with PeopleTV’s Chatter with last year’s Bachelor Nick Viall acting as co-host. O’Connell was asked if he and his brother still watch the show, and he said that they’ve both moved on and don’t really keep tabs on it any longer.

Jerry said that his brother’s Bachelor experience got pretty stressful, especially toward the end of filming. O’Connell noted that he could tell the experience really took a toll on his brother, detailing that it really peaked toward with a lot of stress as filming ended.

Both Charlie and Sarah have since gone on to marry other people, putting this Bachelor experience behind them. Brice has three little boys now and is living a happy and quiet life with her family. Charlie remained a bachelor for a while after ending his relationship with Sarah. However, he did get engaged earlier this year to Playboy Playmate Anna Sophia Berglund.

O’Connell and Berglund tied the knot last May and Jerry spoke to People in the past about how excited he was for his brother to get married. Jerry also raved about Berglund and was the best man at his brother’s wedding.

The latest success stories from the Bachelor franchise include Arie and Lauren, who say they will tie the knot privately in January, and Bachelorette stars Becca Kufrin and Garrett Yrigoyen. A lot has changed since Charlie O’Connell and Sarah Brice’s season, as Jerry even joked that the show aired in black-and-white then. Chances are good, though, that recent leads like Arie and Becca would agree that it tends to be a very stressful experience, even when there is ultimately a happy ending.

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