Bekah Martinez Tears Into ‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Stars Tia Booth, Colton Underwood Again On Social Media

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Bekah Martinez didn’t find love this past winter on The Bachelor with Arie Luyendyk Jr., and many franchise fans thought she’d be heading to Bachelor in Paradise this summer. It turns out that she met someone off-screen who she is now dating, so she didn’t head to Mexico for BIP after all. Despite that, she’s keeping close tabs on what’s going on with the show and its contestants and she’s sharing some strong opinions about the renewed romance between Tia Booth and Colton Underwood.

As Bachelor in Paradise fans may remember, Bekah Martinez got into a heated social media battle with fellow franchise veteran Raven Gates not too long ago. The Inquisitr detailed the battle between the two women, which happened as Tia Booth was away filming this new season. Raven is very close friends with Tia, so things got intense, and both women later backed down and admitted things had gone too far.

The Season 5 Bachelor in Paradise premiere aired Tuesday night on ABC and Bekah shared her thoughts on social media throughout the episode. In one tweet, Bekah quipped that people should take a shot of liquor every time Tia said Colton’s name, including a GIF joking that anyone who did would be fall-down drunk quite quickly.

In another tweet, Martinez wrote about how Booth had Underwood’s contact information and could have contacted him directly after he was eliminated on Becca Kufrin’s Bachelorette. Bekah tweeted that instead of contacting Colton to talk about how she wasn’t over him, Tia would wait for a couple of months and rely on another television show to bring them together again.

It looks like Booth did her best to laugh all of the social media snark off Tuesday night and posted a few light-hearted tweets of her own. Bachelor in Paradise veteran Derek Peth posted a similar tweet about drinking every time Tia said Colton’s name, and Booth tweeted back that this wasn’t a good idea.

Chris Randone is on BIP this summer too and hit it off with Tia during the premiere, and he joined in on the fun with this one. Randone tweeted about how the contestants tried to play that very game, but they were hindered by the show’s limitation to just two alcoholic beverages an hour.

In response to Bekah’s comment about not contacting Colton directly, Tia tweeted that she likes to do things the complicated way. Booth and Underwood shared some light-hearted tweets back-and-forth about all of this, so it looks like regardless of what Bachelor in Paradise spoilers reveal about their relationship going forward, they are on pretty good terms now.

Bekah also posted a bit about BIP on her Instagram, sharing a photo that she joked was her in an alternate reality where she previously agreed to do the show. As the Inquisitr detailed earlier this week, Martinez generated headlines by posting sexual harassment allegations against Bachelor in Paradise contestant Leo Dottavio, and that got fairly ugly too.

Not everybody thinks that Bekah’s posts about Tia and Colton are all that funny. However, Martinez noted via her Instagram Stories that she’s not about to stop making comments about the franchise on her social media just because she’s no longer a contestant.

Bekah Martinez may have regretted her posts about Tia Booth and Colton Underwood last time when she butted heads with Raven Gates over it all, but it looks like she’s sticking to her guns about these latest Bachelor in Paradise digs. Spoilers tease that there’s a lot more to come with this Tia and Colton pairing in Season 5 and chances are that Bekah will have a lot more to say about it on social media as she watches it play out.

actual footage from the alternate reality where I agreed to go on Paradise

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