‘Southern Charm’ Star Ashley Jacobs Is ‘Distraught’ Amid Thomas Ravenel Split, Reports ‘All About The Tea’

Paul CheneyBravo

Ashley Jacobs is said to be “distraught” after her not-so-surprising split from Thomas Ravenel.

According to a report shared by All About the Tea, the Southern Charm star, who will reportedly not be seen at all during the show’s upcoming sixth season, isn’t happy about how her breakup from Thomas has played out in the media and hates that she has no control over what is being said.

“Ashely and Thomas are over. Ashley is just furious and losing her mind because she couldn’t control the backstory,” a source said on August 7. “She’s spinning her wheels but there’s no way to undo the truth that’s been leaked.”

Ashley and Thomas were still together at the end of Southern Charm Season 5 but over the weekend, as Thomas and his former girlfriend, Kathryn Dennis, enjoyed family time with their kids, 4-year-old Kensington and 2-year-old Saint Julien, their relationship came to an end.

As All About the Tea explained to readers, Ashley reportedly confirmed her split from Thomas after over a year of dating while chatting on the phone with Kate Casey, the host of the Reality Life with Kate Casey podcast. Then, around the same time, Ashley told a contradictory story on Instagram when she suggested that she and Thomas hadn’t actually called it quits.

Ashley then told her Instagram fans and followers that she was not planning to say anything in regard to her possible split from Thomas, despite having spoken to Kate Casey about the news.

Her Instagram account has since been deactivated.

Although Kate Casey came forward with information regarding Ashley Jacobs’ split from Thomas Ravenel earlier this week, the part of her podcast in which she discussed what Ashley had supposedly told her has been removed.

During the segment, Kate said Ashley confirmed her breakup from Thomas and made it clear that she was not interested in getting back together with him.

“[Ashley] told me that she broke up with him and that she blocked his number, but she’s in this weird position because she changed her licensing or she got licensing to be a nurse in South Carolina and really had come to the conclusion that she was going to set up a new life, away from Santa Barbara, in another state across the country,” Kate revealed.

“She’s told me that they’ve broken up, and that she has no intention of getting back together with him and I hope that’s true,” she added.

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