‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Scotty’s Conflicted, Finn’s Resisting, & Valentin’s Trying To Woo Nina Once More

Wednesday's episode of 'General Hospital' brings drama for Finn, Valentin, and Kiki.

Craig Sjodin / ABC

Wednesday's episode of 'General Hospital' brings drama for Finn, Valentin, and Kiki.

Spoilers tease that Wednesday’s episode of General Hospital will bring tough moments for Scott as he tries to decide how to handle the information he has about Kiki sleeping with Griffin. Ava expects him to throw the trial for Bensch, but his lawyerly instincts are holding him back. Finn is trying to resist cooperating with his kidnapper during this August 8 show and there’s action related to both Drew and Valentin on the way, too.

The preview shared via the show’s Twitter page reveals that Finn will try to demand proof from his kidnapper that Anna is still alive. His captors want him to help them with a mystery patient, but he’s trying to buy time and avoid being any more cooperative than he absolutely must. General Hospital spoilers indicate that Anna will be seen this week, but it’s not clear quite yet where this storyline heads next.

Drew will be talking to Kim, admitting he’s in over his head in some way, and she’ll seemingly be concerned about whatever it is that has Drew struggling. In addition, General Hospital spoilers from She Knows Soaps reveal that he will overhear a conversation that apparently will be quite revealing.

Valentin will try to talk with Nina once again, but General Hospital spoilers hint that she will not be receptive to whatever he has to say. She has rebuffed his efforts to smooth things over in their relationship at every turn and it looks like that’s going to continue.

Robert will have Peter rattled when he reveals where Peter will be spending his upcoming time behind bars. Peter recently threw out quite the teaser by telling Robert that there were five patients before Jason who apparently went through similar ordeals, and he may try to make a deal with Robert to reveal more if he can avoid supermax prison time.

It’s almost time for Kiki’s case against Bensch to go to court and everybody is scrambling to make sure they’re prepared. Julian will tell Alexis how lucky Kiki is to have her and Ava will try to pump up her daughter’s confidence. Scotty will have a chat with Franco and it looks like he’ll be anxious to confide in his son about some of his struggles with this case.

Unfortunately, General Hospital spoilers for the rest of the week hint that Franco will do something over-the-top and make things worse, and this may be something that comes as a result of this chat with Scotty. Kiki is desperate to keep this secret about Griffin under wraps, but teasers suggest that it’s about to come out and blow up her life.

Will Scotty be able to ignore this explosive information he has about Kiki that could help Bensch? What’s the story behind these mystery patients Peter referenced? General Hospital spoilers detail that there are juicy developments on the way as the week progresses and fans have a lot to look forward to in the days ahead.