Logan Paul Eyes UFC’s Octagon, Calls Out CM Punk

The YouTube personality wants to square off against the straight-edge wrestling icon in the octagon.

Isaac Brekken / Getty Images

The YouTube personality wants to square off against the straight-edge wrestling icon in the octagon.

Logan Paul has decided to step into a duo of boxing matches versus KSI, a so-called “white collar boxer” coming from a rap career to the bright lights of the ring, and has his sights set on the octagon after he finishes the fisticuffs, according to TMZ.

Interviewed casually on the spot at Los Angeles International Airport by TMZ media staff, Logan Paul gave some off-the-cuff answers to a flurry of probing questions, including the revelation that he’s lived a life filled with athletic challenges and has a variety of wrestling experience dating back to his halcyon high school days in the state of Ohio.

“I want to fight a UFC fighter,” Logan offered up with encouragement from his brother, Jake Paul. “I’ve wrestled my whole life.”

When prompted as to whether he had anyone in mind after alleging that he would beat KSI in both matches, Logan said he would jump at the chance to get in the UFC octagon.

“I’ve done athletics my whole life… Dana White, are you watching this, bro? Pick a fighter for me dude. Pick a fighter for me. Late next year.”

TMZ Sports staff badgered Paul to call someone out directly, and the answer was somewhat shocking.

“CM Punk.”

The interviewer laughs at the suggestion and says that Logan “would win that one.”

CM Punk, real name Phillip Jack Brooks, made a name for himself as a WWE superstar with anti-establishment leanings. Taking a straight-edge, punk rock tack that was divergent from the anti-hero portrayed by the likes of Stone Cold Steve Austin, CM Punk saw himself, and portrayed himself, as a unique and inimitable character, as related by CageSide Seats.

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Unfortunately for the professional wrestler turned MMA fighter, CM Punk’s record has been disappointing, with Punk having lost both of his high profile bouts — dropping the first fight in a frankly embarrassing contest to Mickey Gall at UFC 203 via submission in 2:14 and the second by unanimous decision at UFC 225 in June of this year to Mike Jackson.

The YouTube personality, who drew immense heat for filming a dead body in Japan’s Aokigahara forest — colloquially known as the “Suicide Forest” — and uploading it to the video hosting service on New Year’s Eve of 2017, has never been one to shy away from controversial statements or content.

Though Logan Paul was in fact removed from the Google Preferred status of his revenue stream associated with his YouTube content in addition to being put on hiatus concerning both his original series and in terms of his appearances on YouTube Red’s Foursome, according to Vulture, his brand and personal reach as an influencer continues to persist to this day.

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Logan Paul currently boasts over 18 million subscribers to his YouTube Channel, over 15 million Facebook followers, and nearly 5 million Twitter fans. According to Time, estimates from 2017 put Logan Paul’s monthly revenue in the ballpark of $1.2 million, though it is currently unknown how much his revenue stream may have suffered due to YouTube’s proactive policies regarding his controversial content.