CDC Says More Adults Need More Vaccines

The CDC has announced that more adults need more vaccines — and not just for the flu.

A report by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has concluded that a “substantial increase” in adult vaccinations is required to prevent diseases like pneumonia, tetanus, diphtheria, hepatitis, shingles, and whooping cough.

The report showed that current adult vaccination rates in the US is “unacceptably low,” reports Fox News.

Dr. Howard Koh, an assistant secretary for the US Department of Health and Human Services, stated:

“Far too few adults are getting vaccinated against these important diseases, and we need to do more.”

The CDC recommends that older patients who are at risk for pneumonia get a vaccine against the disease. In 2011, most of the 4,000 people who died from the disease were over 50. There were 37,000 cases of invasive pneumonia that year.

Koh added that adults who don’t get the vaccine can also put others at risk, notes Yahoo! News. It is similar for whooping cough. In 2012, 9,300 adults were diagnosed with the illness out of a total of 42,000 cases. Koh explained:

“When the source is identified, four out of five babies who get whooping cough caught it from someone in the home, a parent, sister, brother, grandparent or babysitter. These are just examples of why adult vaccines are critical to the public health of our country.”

The CDC adds that some vaccines, like the flu shot, are recommended for all adults. Other vaccines, however, are suggested based on a patient’s age or overall health. Koh encourages all adults to talk with their doctor about what vaccines they should get.

Do you think that more adults need to get more vaccines, or is there another way to prevent disease?

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