Prince George ‘Resents’ The Press Already According To Royal Expert, And He’s Only 5 Years Old

Although just 5 years old, Prince George already 'resents' the paparazzi, says royal expert.

Prince George resents the paparazzi.

Although just 5 years old, Prince George already 'resents' the paparazzi, says royal expert.

It’s not too surprising if you think about it. Imagine being just 5 years old and being followed everywhere by a horde of paparazzi. It could be a welcoming thing if you’re outgoing like Princess Charlotte, but it appears that for Prince George, the attention is already starting to bother him.

Royal expert Kate Williams says that she can see the hints of resentment in the way he reacts to the cameras, detailed AOL UK.

“Already you can see in George, a little bit of unsurety, a little bit of uncertainty and a small bit of resentment towards all the cameras.”

For Prince George, such a feeling of animosity is likely to only grow as he gets older. “He doesn’t quite understand now, but when he’s 12, 13, he will,” the expert notes.

Moreover, Williams added that George “did look a bit scared of the cameras” when she saw him arrive at the Lindo Wing to visit Prince Louis after his birth.

On the other hand, his sister Princess Charlotte is quite outgoing and willing to make smart remarks to the press, as detailed by CBS News. After her little brother Louis’ christening, she told the press that “You aren’t coming” as she headed to a private gathering.

Charlotte’s also been seen waving happily, sticking her tongue out playfully and doesn’t seem as bothered by the attention as her brother.

For a royal, being photographed by paparazzi is fairly routine. An exclusive photo of Prince George and Prince Charlotte can earn a photographer as much as $35,000. So it’s not too surprising that many clamor at the opportunity to get a good photo of the royal children.

Princess Diana was known for asking the press to leave her children alone. Prince Williams has previously noted that most of the time his mother cried, it was due to “press intrusion,” according to the Daily Mail.

And after all, Prince George may not be the odd one out when feeling animosity towards the paparazzi. His dad, Prince William, was also hostile towards the press also at a young age. When he was just 11 years old, he had to be restrained by detectives when he “turned” on some photographers.

And of course, because Princess Diana’s death is believed to be a direct result of an overzealous photographer, it’s a touchy subject for William. Things were made worse in September 2012 when topless photos of Kate Middleton were published in a magazine.

Williams has said that “I want George to grow up in a real, living environment. I don’t want him growing up behind palace walls – he has to be out there. The media makes it harder but I will fight for them to have a normal life.”