AMC Is Developing A Sci-fi Animated Series Based On Ken Liu’s Writing

'Pantheon' will be based off of a short-story series written by Ken Liu.

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'Pantheon' will be based off of a short-story series written by Ken Liu.

One of science fiction’s most celebrated authors, Ken Liu, has earned numerous awards for his body of work. Liu’s work to win the predominant amount of those awards is his short story, The Paper Menagerie. Most recently, AMC is setting their sights on the author, hoping to develop a new, upcoming series based off of Liu’s works. According to Deadline, this adaptation will be titled Pantheon.

Should Pantheon succeed in getting produced, it will be an animated show based off of Liu’s stories surrounding “uploaded intelligence.” The man who produced AMC’S American-Revolution-based drama, Turn — Craig Silverstein — will reportedly serve as Pantheon‘s showrunner, producer, and writer.

AMC Network has already set up a writer’s room in an effort to begin developing the series. They have done this in the past with projects like the AMC upcoming adaptation of Joe Hill’s NOS4A2, reports The Verge. History shows fans that when AMC network is in such a situation, the network typically skips filming a pilot episode, instead developing an entire series or at least a season, then makes the choice whether or not to greenlight the show based off of the entire project that leaves the writer’s room, says The Verge. Both Amazon and AMC have been using this strategy more recently.

Silverstein and AMC will have a large body of work to go off of in the creating process, due to the amount Liu has written. His work frequently revolves around the future of technology and how it impacts humanity. Liu has written more than 100 science fiction and fantasy short stories such as Simulacrum and Staying Behind, which center around the idea of simulating and uploading human minds into computers. As of yet, it has not been revealed which of Liu’s short stories will be adapted first.

Major studios have tailored the author’s works before in last year’s short film directed by David Gaddie, titled Beautiful Dreamer. That short film was based off of Liu’s 2012 short story, Memories of My Mother. DMG Entertainment in China used Liu’s work from the epic fantasy novel The Grace of Kings in 2016, in what was hoped to be a large film franchise.

AMC is also working on another science fiction series based off of the novel for which the movie Arrival was adapted, cited The Verge. Arrival, directed by Denis Villeneuve and starring Amy Adams, was nominated for Best Picture in the 2017 Oscars. Ted Chiang is the author responsible for the story in his work titled Stories of Your Life.