Police Called On Bravo’s ‘Summer House’ In The Hamptons

The house seems a bit loud for the gated community

Hamptons Summer House
Mark Sagliocco / Bravo TV

The house seems a bit loud for the gated community

The cast of Summer House really like the Hamptons, but do the Hamptons like Bravo’s Summer House? From the start, some Hamptons businesses have said they don’t want to be part of the Bravo show, and now the neighborhood where the cast was partying has had enough as well, calling in complaints to the police.

Page Six reports that a party at the Summer House residence annoyed neighbors enough that the Sag Harbor police were called. The house is in what’s described as a “quiet gated community” and they are not used to the level of disturbance caused by the Bravo show and its crew.

It was cast member Kyle Cooke’s birthday party and several loud cars were driving up and down Main Street making a lot of noise.

“The cars made quite a bit of noise and drew the crowd’s attention. Someone called the cops, who showed up and told them they needed a filming permit and they couldn’t film from the back of their van.”

The crew then left Sag Harbor and headed back home to Water Mill. No fines or tickets were assessed, and the crew was given a warning and told to stop filming.

Even before Summer House started filming for Bravo, many Hamptons residents were up in arms over the idea of Jersey Shore coming to town. Residents started petitions and asked businesses to refuse to let Bravo film. The Showtime show The Affair had already started filming in Montauk, and homeowners had reached their limits.

“We need to stop this show from happening. Isn’t The Affair enough?”

Steven Gaines, author of Philistines at the Hedgerow, told Hamptons residents not to believe what Bravo had to say about filming Summer House.

“No matter what they say at Bravo, this is still going to be about sleazy share-houses, and none of it is going to be good for our reputation or for tourism. It’s going to be about drunken millennials trying to get laid.”

Business owners have complained that allowing the show to film at restaurants takes away from their actual seasonal business.

“People were complaining because of the lights and were very upset, and didn’t want cameras in the club. Management came to me saying, ‘Some guy spent $10K and is married and has girls around and doesn’t want to be filmed.’ I told [the producers] the shooting had to be done. They were there for two hours and had to leave.”

It sounds like there will continue to be struggles between Bravo and Hamptons residents as long as the show is being filmed.