Vicki Gunvalson Shares Scary Experience During Daughter’s Lupus Battle: ‘We Almost Lost Her’

Daniel Boczarski / Getty Images

Vicki Gunvalson recently recalled a tough time in her life in a recent interview.

As fans of the Real Housewives of Orange County know, the reality star has had an incredibly close relationship with her daughter, Briana Culberson, over the years on the hit show. But in an interview on the Daily Dish, Gunvalson recalls the scary incident in 2016 when Briana was hospitalized.

“We almost lost her a couple years ago. That was one of the biggest fears I had in my life while I was filming; it’s my ‘Oh, my God’ moment. And she was super, super sick; got a very, very bad infectious disease from the hospital. They almost amputated her leg,” Gunvalson revealed.

“She was extremely sick. Put her in City of Hope [National Medical Center] and she was there in isolation for a month. The viewers don’t know but we can share it now because she survived it. But it was horrible,” the mother of two recalled.

But right now, the mother of two is doing better and is being treated at the University of North Carolina Medical Center, which Gunvalson says has an amazing Lupus Center. Briana, her husband Ryan Culberson, and their two sons — Troy and Owen — moved from Orange County out to North Carolina in 2017 and Briana currently works as an ER nurse out there.

And even though they both live on opposite sides of the country, Vicki says that she would be there at the drop of a hat if Briana needed her for any reason.

“If something happens, and they need me, it’s gonna take me about nine hours to get there. And I’d be there on the next plane. So that’s the most important thing is that I want them to know that I’m there for her.”

Most recently, Gunvalson made headlines for altering her appearance with plastic surrgery. As the Inquisitr reported last month, the reality star confessed that she is done going under the knife and her boyfriend, Steve Lodge, could not be happier. The previous month, Gunvalson already had a face lift against her boyfriend’s wishes and he was not very happy about it. He told Gunvalson that she is beautiful the way that he is and that she should “just grow up gracefully,” and without plastic surgery.

So Gunvalson made a vow to Steve that she was done with procedures.

“I promised Steve I wouldn’t do anything. I said to him the other day, ‘My boobies are a little bit lower. I want them higher up here,’ He goes, ‘You promised me you wouldn’t do anything else.’ No, for right now I’m at peace.”

Vicki dished that her daughter, Briana, was also against her mother getting plastic surgery, saying that she didn’t want her mom’s face to look “pulled.”

Real Housewives of Orange County airs on Mondays on Bravo.