Stephen Colbert Mocked Trump’s Face At Recent Rally Via ‘Presidential Makeup Tutorial’

Colbert says, 'You're not supposed to look like C-3PO crossed with a glazed ham.'

Stephen Colbert
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Colbert says, 'You're not supposed to look like C-3PO crossed with a glazed ham.'

On a recent airing of The Late Show, host and comedian Stephen Colbert spoke to his audience about U.S. President Donald Trump’s appearance at the recent rally in Ohio, calling the president’s face a “shimmery new look.” Colbert then joked about doing makeup tutorials, sharing a clip to audience members for how they could “get that look,” reports Huffington Post.

During the rally, Trump seemed to address his glow by claiming it was “110 degrees” in the room. To this Colbert rebutted, talking about how hot it was in New York, a temperature that did not phase his own appearance.

“It was 1,000 degrees in New York this weekend, and I didn’t come home looking like the dead girl in Goldfinger. I know for a fact that that’s makeup.”

Those who missed it on The Late Show can still find the clip of Colbert’s episode on his Twitter account, floating around on YouTube and Facebook. This faux makeup tutorial was called, “Stephen On The Floor,” and was hashtagged as such on Colbert’s social media post, along with the hashtag #MakeAmericaFaceAgain.

In the video, Colbert promises watchers to help them achieve the “hottest, most presidential highlight.” Before covering himself in makeup, the host first boasts about the makeup presentation he’s about to give, saying it’s a “fun and easy look you can take from golf to rally.” Putting on a pair of Speedo Hydrospex swimming goggles, hair band holding back his fringe, he mentions needing a lot of suction to truly achieve the look he’s going for in the video, saying that a strong amount of the suction will give that a “wider” and more “presidential” appearance.

“Then, you wanna put on a thick, impenetrable layer of bronzer.”

Before applying the bronzer to his face, Colbert identifies the makeup he’s using as Chantecaille’s Radiance Gel Bronzer. That particular bronzer goes for $44 USD on the Chantecaille website, claiming to last up to 12 hours, providing a smooth, natural finish. Colbert uses an entire palm full of the liquid to coat his face around the goggles., not “worrying” about the ears, neck, or hairline. He applies the bronzer with his hands, which stains both of his palms. Framing his face with both hands, Colbert looks into the camera, saying, “Boom, summertime glow” with a grin. The words “Summertime Glow” the pop up on the screen in bold purple text. It’s then that Colbert whips out his highlighter, holding it to the screen and telling audience members it is the Fenty Beauty by Rihanna, Killawatt Freestyle Highlighter. That highlighter comes in various shades, currently selling at Sephora for $34 USD. Colbert appears to be using the shade “Trophy Wife,” which is a 3-D hyper metallic gold finish. He holds up a bag of shiny material saying, “you could also use crushed up Christmas ornaments.” Colbert applies the highlighter in copious amounts all over his face, swirling it in heavily with his brush.

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“Oh, look at that. Mmmhmm. Now remember a little bit goes a long way, also a lot of it goes a very long way.”

Colbert even applied the highlighter to his teeth after telling viewers to define their upper lips. After he’s seemingly finished, he then says that he will blend all of the makeup in with a slice of bologna. For his video, he uses Oscar-Mayer chicken and pork flavored bologna.