Jamie Lynn Spears Slammed After Picture Posted Of Daughter Holding A Gun

Chloe Rice / Getty Images

Jame Lynn Spears is mom-shamed for a recent photo of her daughter.

The drama all started when Jamie Lynn’s husband, Jamie Watson, posted a photo of Spears’ 10-year-old daughter, Maddie Aldridge, on his Instagram page. In the controversial image, Maddie stands in the middle of a field as she holds a tall shotgun in her hands. The young girl looks off to the side in the image as she wears a pair of big earphones to shield her ears from the gunshots.

Also in the photo is Spears’ ex-boyfriend Casey Aldridge, who is Maddie’s biological father. In the caption of the image, Watson tells fans that Maddie is “getting ready for Dove season.” But since the photo was posted for his 48,000-plus followers, both Spears and her husband have been facing quite a bit of backlash from fans, with many noting that Maddie is far too young to be holding a gun. So far, the photo has already amassed 3,700 likes in addition to 130-plus comments.

“This is the same child you had on a four wheeler not too long ago. Irresponsible much?!? Or just country dumb?!?”

“And a child needs to be handed a dangerous weapon and taught to kill? No innocence left in childhood. Then Americans wonder why they have so many problems. Smh,” another fan commented.

“People who kill animals as a sport make me sick. Teaching a young child to kill an innocent animal is even worse. Horrible parent. You make me sick,” one more wrote.

Getting her ready for dove season

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A few other fans chimed in to stick up for the couple.

“There’s nothing irresponsible about this. She’s holding the gun properly, has ear protection and her finger is off the trigger. Teach them young and remove risks,” one follower wrote.

“To all the people complaining about Maddie holding a gun. Teaching a young women gun safety is a great thing and a way of life for people who chose it. It’s not like anyone asked you to shoot the gun, so keep your opinions to yourself and unfollow if you don’t like it,” one more chimed in.

Many of the fans that were upset over the photo recalled the incident that Maddie was in last year that nearly took her life. In February of 2017, People shared that Maddie was driving an ATV when she overcorrected a turn and eventually found herself in a pond. The family was unable to get Jamie Lynn free and she was underwater for two minutes. Eventually, emergency responders were able to free the then 8-year-old out from the water and she ended up making a full recovery.

However, in a moment where every second mattered, Maddie is lucky to be alive.