James Corden And Peter Stormare Share Laughs Over Keanu Reeves Shaving His Legs For A Coke Commercial [Video]

James Corden scored a hit by bringing Keanu Reeves and Peter Stormare together for a memorable visit on his talk show. Reeves and Stormare are no strangers to each other as Stormare was Satan in Constantine and Abram in John Wick 2. Reeves recently appeared in Stormare’s show Swedish Dicks to keep the pair busy working together. Once Corden got Reeves talking about his early days in acting, viewers were in for a treat as it appears as though Corden and Stormare were in on something that Reeves hadn’t been filled in on back in the green room.

Many people are unaware that before Reeves got his big break getting work in movies, he was making his bones doing commercials. He worked on local ads right up to a national spot in a Coca-Cola ad. The Coke ad is the one Corden and Stormare had fun with Reeves over. Corden got Reeves to start talking about it, how he was going from school to the set and hitting marks and chugging Coke to the point he didn’t think he could have another. He also added in a moment of seriousness that he was getting real-world experience and discipline pretending it was hot when they were filming in the winter, before Corden cut in that they had a clip of the commercial, and rolled it out.

Corden and Stormare began ribbing Reeves as it played, in part for how young he was, and also because Reeves admitted that when he did the ad, portraying a competitive cyclist, he went all-in and shaved his legs for it. Stormare razzed Reeves about the commercial taking three days to shoot, while trying to check his legs to see if he still kept them shaved smooth according to Hollywood Reporter. Reeves kept the story going though, laughing and smiling with the the guys as if they hang out joking around all the time.

“I had to drink so many Coca-Colas. I had that thing with the director where it was like, ‘Okay you’re thirsty, (pretend) you’re on an island, on a desert island, you haven’t had anything to drink!'”

Reeves has Destination Wedding with Winona Ryder due in theaters September 7, Siberia in limited release, and John Wick 3: Parabellum due out in early 2019. Peter Stormare has five projects in the Hopper aside from Swedish Dicks and another appearance on American Gods. He also has four projects in various states of release including L.A. To Vegas and The Assassin’s Code according to IMDb. They did not announce any other upcoming projects together, but odds are they will work together again in the future.