One Major Difference For ‘Bachelor In Paradise’ — There Are Purposeful Make-Unders, Not Makeovers

When going from the mansion to the beach, there just isn't going to be as much glam.

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When going from the mansion to the beach, there just isn't going to be as much glam.

Even though it won’t be exactly the same as The Bachelor or The Bachelorette, some of your favorite reality TV star names are returning on Tuesday night for Bachelor In Paradise. Season 5 of the series will take them out into the fun and sun to see if they can get a second (or third or fourth) chance at love. Even though it will be everyone vying for one another, there is another big difference for BIP and it’s that the glam isn’t nearly as elevated on the beach.

On Tuesday evening, the fifth season of Bachelor In Paradise will begin on ABC with some of your favorites from past seasons of other hit shows. Instead of a group of men or women vying for the heart or one woman or man, this will be a group all trying to find love with someone else in the group.

That is a major difference for Bachelor In Paradise, but the series also has a number of other things that aren’t quite the same as when cameras are in the mansion.

Refinery 29 made a very interesting report in which they described how truly different things are when everyone is taken to the beach. There are no glamorous gowns an three-piece suits. There are no huge makeovers and elegant settings.

No, on Bachelor In Paradise, everyone experiences a make-under instead of a makeover.

Krystal Nielson is a 30-year-old former contestant from The Bachelor season when Arie Luyenduk Jr. was the focus. She was often seen as the villain during her time on the show, but now, she is on Bachelor In Paradise and things are incredibly different.

During her conversation with Refinery 29, Krystal pointed out how The Bachelor cares so much about your image and what you look like. She said that being on Bachelor In Paradise is an entirely different situation and it is an environment that is on another level.

“When you put so much attention on your image, it can take away from the experience. In Paradise, I took a much more relaxed approach. I didn’t even pack until two days before I left.”

With The Bachelor and The Bachelorette locations being more of a secret until the contestants arrive, they aren’t sure what to pack or bring. When on the beaches for BIP, Krystal said that there “wasn’t the pressure of needing to have makeup on, but just to go out and have fun.”

Krystal continued on to say that the heat and humidity of the tropical locations of Bachelor In Paradise also keep everyone from worrying about what they look like. If anyone puts on a full face of make-up, it’s usually melted off or running off within a few minutes.

Bachelor In Paradise is all about the drama, romance, and chaos in the same way that seasons of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette bring it forth, but there are differences. With numerous personalities and egos and hearts all in one place, Season 5 is going to bring the fun to viewers too, but not the pressure on the contestants. Without feeling the need for constant glam and makeovers, those on BIP can focus on having fun, being themselves, and looking for love.