Spoilers For ‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Episode 1: The Season 5 Contestants Meet And The Sparks Begin To Fly

'Bachelor in Paradise' spoilers tease that the Season 5 contestants won't waste any time in pursuing their crushes in Mexico.

Paul Hebert / ABC

'Bachelor in Paradise' spoilers tease that the Season 5 contestants won't waste any time in pursuing their crushes in Mexico.

Season 5 of Bachelor in Paradise debuts Tuesday night on ABC and spoilers hint that things will get intense quickly as the new crew gathers in Mexico. There have been quite a few spoilers swirling around regarding what everybody can expect this summer, but now ABC has shared teasers specific to Episode 1 and there’s a lot of drama on the way.

ABC details that the first lady to arrive during Tuesday’s premiere will be someone bringing a fair amount of baggage as she hopes to get a second chance with a former flame. There is little doubt that this Bachelor in Paradise spoiler references Tia Booth, who joined the BIP cast solely to see Colton Underwood again.

Viewers will be watching Tia anxiously watching to see if Colton arrives, but Bachelor in Paradise spoilers tease that she’s going to be left hanging for a while. The first date card will arrive, seemingly with Tia’s name on it, and she’ll choose one of the other guys from Becca Kufrin’s Bachelorette season. Considering the other spoilers available for these episodes, it seems likely that Chris Randone will get this date.

The network shares that one “fit and feisty female” will be glad to see that “Grocery Store Joe” Amabile wasn’t chosen by Tia, and this probably refers to Krystal Nielson. Bachelor in Paradise spoilers suggest, however, that Joe will show an interest in someone else, possibly Kendall Long, so Krystal will instead focus on Canadian Kevin Wendt.

As Tia is off on her date, the rest of the cast will mingle and speculate about how Booth’s outing is going. Bachelor in Paradise spoilers indicate that the consensus will be that things will surely be platonic between the two, and everybody will be surprised when Tia and Chris found that they really hit it off with one another.

Naturally, Colton will arrive the next morning, just as Tia felt excited and confident about finding love again in moving forward rather than looking back. Bachelor in Paradise spoilers reveal that Underwood will show up with a date card and he’ll ask Booth to join him. Unfortunately for Chris, she accepts, and they’ll head out to do some jet skiing.

Bachelor in Paradise spoilers note that while Tia and Colton are gone, Chris will become increasingly agitated and he’ll get some of the others riled up as well. By the time Underwood and Booth return, Randone apparently will be anxious to pick a fight with him, and it looks like this is where Monday’s premiere will end.

While gossip king Reality Steve has shared a lot of Bachelor in Paradise spoilers about the finale of Season 5, he recently explained that he probably won’t have an episode-by-episode breakdown this summer. The buzz is that there are multiple couples together now, a number of weeks after filming wrapped, and there are even a couple of engagements.

Are Tia Booth and Colton Underwood destined to be together? Will any of these Season 5 engagements last? Bachelor in Paradise spoilers hint that things will get intense this summer and it all kicks off Tuesday, August 7 on ABC.