Writer Stumbles Upon iPhone X Plus, Tweets Pictures Of Bigger Version To Be Available Soon

iPhone X Plus is just around the corner as Apple soars past $1 trillion.

Carl Court / Getty Images

iPhone X Plus is just around the corner as Apple soars past $1 trillion.

Last year Apple surprised regular users of the iPhone by offering the iPhone X, dropping the home button and all but doing away with bezels altogether. It also included a facial recognition tool that could be used to unlock the device.

The only catch to iPhone X was that users with a preference for the larger iPhone Plus models would have to either get the iPhone 8 Plus or settle for a smaller phone if wanting to pick up the top-of-the-line iPhone X.

Today Technobezz is reporting that iPhone X users missing the size of their plus models probably have a lot to be happy about.

According to the report, Guilherme Rambo, a writer at 9to5 Mac, recently went searching through beta versions of iOS 12 and discovered an icon within the OS appearing to represent a larger version of the iPhone X, which is being dubbed the iPhone X Plus.

The next iPhone launch is expected to occur in autumn of this year, as is tradition with Apple. Numerous Twitter users and outlets have been tweeting the images

Apple usually doesn’t announce the exact specs and dates of devices to be expected until much closer to the release date, but users have already discovered a ton of information about the iPhone X Plus which includes a tablet view and a staggering screen resolution.

According to CNET, numerous analysts and Wall Street executives incorrectly forecasted that Apple’s iPhone X would be too pricey for consumers to buy at the rate previous phones were sold for. They predicted this could cause a major dip in sales for the tech industry giant.

Apple later reported an increase in sales of approximately 2.9 percent after the release of the iPhone X, putting such claims to rest.

Furthermore, as recently reported by TechCrunch, Apple just became the first-ever trillion dollar company in American history. Apple reportedly has more than $243 billion in cash assets alone.

However, analysts also recently reported that historically, companies making huge market caps like what Apple has done suffered slumps afterward, thus warning investors to be leery of the next stage for Apple, as such growth isn’t always sustainable.

iPhone first came to consumers from Apple in 2007 as one of the first mass-marketed smartphone devices. Since then the iPhone and subsequent models have gone on to sell approximately a combined 1.2 billion units in total.

Apple’s iPhone follows the success of the iPod and iPod Touch, which helped establish Apple as a leader in the technology industry. It’s biggest competitors, currently, are Google and Microsoft.