Princess Diana’s Former Butler Says That She Would Have Told Meghan Markle To ‘Freeze Out’ Her Dad

Paul Burrell says the late Princess of Wales would have given her daughter-in-law sound advice.

princess diana would have told meghan markle to freeze her dad out
Evan Agostini/Invision / AP Images

Paul Burrell says the late Princess of Wales would have given her daughter-in-law sound advice.

Princess Diana’s former butler, Paul Burrell, would have told her daughter-in-law Meghan Markle to “freeze out” her father, Thomas Markle, The Vancouver Sun is reporting.

As you are well aware, Meghan’s family – in particular, her father, Thomas Markle – has been an embarrassment ever since the Royal Wedding. But it doesn’t end there – her half-sister, Samantha Grant (who now goes by “Samantha Markle,” go figure), and her half-brother, Thomas Markle Jr., have also been dragging the Duchess’ name through the mud. The family has even gone so far as to suggest that Thomas Sr., who is reportedly in ill health, is going to die soon and that his death will be on Meghan’s hands.

In fact, Thomas Markle even invoked Diana in one of his continuing diatribes against his daughter, against Prince Harry, and against the Royal Family in general. Specifically, he says, the Windsors are treating him the way Princess Diana, who died in 1997, would have “loathed.”

Burrell says that his former boss, Harry’s mother Princess Diana, wouldn’t have brooked any of that nonsense.

“Diana would have tried to mediate between Thomas and Meghan at first. However, as Thomas has continued to drip-feed stories and hurt Meghan, Diana would have cut him out. If you overstepped the mark and betrayed Diana, you were frozen out. I have no doubt she would have told Meghan to do the same.”

Diana herself knew what it was like to have a family member intent on embarrassing her. During the final months of Diana’s life, Frances Shand Kydd kept speaking to the press about her relationship with her daughter. In the Royal Family, that is something that is just not done. Diana asked her to stop, says Burrell, but Mrs. Kydd kept at it. Diana stopped speaking to her – and she (Diana) died before the two were able to reconcile.

“Diana would understand how Meghan feels.”

Burrell also says that Meghan would likely give her father a call if he would just quit with the embarrassing interviews.

“For now, he needs to stop emotionally blackmailing Meghan. She won’t comment, she will take the moral high-ground. If Thomas just shuts up, one day the phone will ring.”

Burrell has also had some other things to say about Meghan and her would-be mother-in-law. According to The Daily Star, Burrell said there’s one thing that Meghan won’t be able to do, and that’s to change the course of the Royal Family. That’s because, he said, Diana already did it.