WWE News: The Amount Of Money That Brock Lesnar Is Paid By WWE For Each Appearance Is Insane

As things currently stand, Brock Lesnar is set to finish out his WWE career right after SummerSlam later this month and make his return to UFC. Of course, all of that is subject to change and anything could happen in the world of professional wrestling and fighting. Right now, Lesnar is still the WWE Universal Champion on Monday Night Raw and you honestly won't believe the amount of money he is paid for each appearance.

While it's not absolutely confirmed by WWE that Lesnar is leaving the company to return to UFC, it's pretty much a given. Then again, he could end up doing part-time work for both companies if that is what ends up working out best for him.

In 2017, Brock Lesnar earned $6.5 million in 2017 and that was just for a total of 35 appearances, according to Give Me Sport. That breaks down to $185,000 per appearance last year, but it includes a number of matches and showing up for big events to have a brawl or throw-down with an upcoming opponent.

Lesnar is 41-years-old and he's working on a contract that is quite different than the one he previously had with WWE. Dirty Sheets is reporting that Lesnar's current deal is a pay-per-appearance deal that means he is getting paid even if he doesn't wrestle, and he's getting paid a lot of money.

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With Lesnar being on a pay-per-appearance deal with WWE, he is currently making $127,000 each time he is on WWE television. That is the amount of money he is paid even if he doesn't wrestle and simply stands there as Paul Heyman speaks for him.

If the "Beast Incarnate" wrestles on a pay-per-view, he brings home $637,000 for the match. That is not including any bonuses that come in for ticket sales and buy rates and all of the other money that comes into WWE from it.

Lesnar also has a deal for "image rights" which has WWE paying him $637,000 annually for using his likeness on posters and merchandise. He's going to get the exact same amount from UFC as well, and that just proves that he's an excellent businessman.

Well, either that or Paul Heyman knows how to speak for his "client" and friend.

For years, Brock Lesnar has dominated the ring during his time in WWE and he's been the Universal Champion for a record-breaking reign right now. It is quite possible that his current run with the company is almost over and he's about to head back to UFC, but only time will tell if that's what will happen. No matter where he ends up, it is obvious that the man is a huge asset to numerous companies and the money he's making is proof of that.