‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Carly Confronts Nelle, Jason Approaches Margaux, And Sonny Pressures Jordan

Spoilers for Tuesday's episode of 'General Hospital' tease that there are can't-miss moments coming up related to the Nelle chaos.

Craig Sjodin / ABC

Spoilers for Tuesday's episode of 'General Hospital' tease that there are can't-miss moments coming up related to the Nelle chaos.

General Hospital spoilers for the episode airing on Tuesday, August 7 suggest that things will get intense as Nelle sits at the PCPD. Carly is ready to confront her nemesis as Jason and Sonny both do their best to keep her out of Ferncliff or jail. What else do teasers reveal about this next show?

Josslyn already had an epic battle with Nelle that led to her apprehension and now General Hospital spoilers tease that it’s Carly’s turn. She will tell Nelle that she messed with the wrong family, much like Joss said, but it doesn’t sound as if Nelle’s going to just sit back and take this without pushing back.

She Knows Soaps reveals that Nelle will be taunting those around her during this episode. Actress Chloe Lanier previously hinted that she would have some epic scenes with Carly’s Laura Wright this week and it looks like this is when they play out.

Michael found the baby blanket that Ava convinced Julian to plant in the baby’s room and General Hospital spoilers indicate that Sam will urge him to head to the PCPD with it. As Michael scrambles to prove that his mother’s version of the staircase fall was accurate, Sonny will be doing his best to get help from Jordan.

Sonny is going to end up threatening Jordan that he’ll go public if she doesn’t bend to his will, and he’ll surely get some strong pushback from Jordan over this. In addition, General Hospital spoilers note that he will end up curious over something that arises during Tuesday’s episode. Elsewhere in Port Charles, Jason will try to work things out with Margaux in his efforts to help Carly, although it seems unlikely that she’ll be interested.

Viewers will also be seeing quite a bit of action on Tuesday related to Kiki’s case against Dr. Bensch. Soap Central details that Scotty will try to reason with his client and Alexis will urge Kiki to reveal anything else that could impact the case. Obviously, this is where Kiki should admit she had a one-night fling with Griffin, but General Hospital spoilers tease that this will come out soon another way.

Ava will do something touching related to Kiki and it seems that Griffin will see this and find it quite heartwarming. He’ll be professing his love for Ava, but General Hospital spoilers for the week suggest that this sexy secret he has with Kiki is about to explode.

Will Tuesday’s episode be the last that viewers see of Chloe Lanier in the role of Nelle, at least for now? How long will Michael remain unaware that “Wiley” is really his son Jonah? General Hospital spoilers hint that the action will be intense this week and viewers are anxious to see what comes next.