When A Woman With Cerebral Palsy Was Turned Away From A Nail Salon, A Walmart Employee Stepped Up

Ebony Harris skipped her break to make the woman feel special.

a walmart employee helped a woman with cerebral palsy
Rob Marmion / AP Images

Ebony Harris skipped her break to make the woman feel special.

A Walmart employee did an extraordinary act of kindness for a woman with cerebral palsy after learning that she (the woman with cerebral palsy) had been denied service at a nearby nail salon. The incident happened at the end of July but the story is only now going viral.

As KGO-TV (San Francisco) reports, Tasia Smith, who works at the Subway location inside the Walmart location in Burton, Michigan, witnessed the touching scene. She says that Angela Peters, who has cerebral palsy, went to Da Vi Nails, which is also inside the same building, to get her nails done. Smith says that the staff at Da Vi Nails turned Peters away because “she moved too much.”

That’s when Walmart cashier Ebony Harris stepped up. Witnessing what was going on, she took her break, went and bought nail polish, and then went with Peters to the Subway so she could paint Peters’ nails.

Smith, who posted the story on Facebook, said that Harris was “so patient” with Peters and that Peters “barely moved.”

Speaking to WJRT-TV (Flint), Harris said that doing Peters’ nails was not difficult at all.

“And you know, she moved her hands a little bit and she kept saying she was sorry. And, I told her, ‘don’t say that.’ I said, ‘you’re fine.'”

Smith, for her part, says that she is done patronizing Da Vi Nails. Peters, however, according to USA Today, doesn’t feel the same way. In a Facebook post of her own, Peters said that she doesn’t wish ill on the nail salon or its employees; she just hopes they learn a lesson from this.

“I forgive the nail people for not doing my nails… I don’t want anyone fired i just educate people that people with different challenges [can] get our nails done like anyone else.”

Now the three women have become fast friends, and they’re already planning to go out together to Angela’s favorite restaurant, says Harris.

“She’s a blessing to us, to anybody, not just me. She makes me look at life and appreciate it much more than, you know, what I have been.”

As is often the case with stories of businesses becoming national news, the nail salon has taken a hit on Yelp, with several users vowing to never patronize the business.

As of this writing, Da Vi Nails has not commented on the situation, and USA Today reports that the phone number listed on the business’ website was “temporarily disconnected.”