Indian Farmers Break The Internet For Video Of Kiki Challenge With A Twist

Joel Ryan / InvisionAP Images

Two Indian farmers have grooved their way to fame after posting a video of their take on the Kiki (sometimes written Keke) challenge on Instagram, reports The New York Times.

The Kiki challenge is the latest social media sensation sweeping the globe and is inspired by Canadian rapper Drake. It began after social media star Shiggy posted a video to his Instagram dancing along to Drake’s hit single “In My Feelings.”

Next, New York Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. posted a video of himself dancing to the same song after jumping out of a vehicle, and the challenge took off from there.

Many celebrities have since posted videos of themselves dancing along to the song, including actor Will Smith, where he is seen scaling a bridge while dancing.

However, as with most internet sensations, the Kiki challenge became riskier and riskier, with people attempting to perform the dance in outrageous situations. People have even been reported getting hit and killed by cars after hopping out of their vehicles to dance on the side of the road.

In the newest version of the video that has captured the world’s attention, instead of jumping out of a car on the side of the road, Anil Geela and Pilli Tirupati participate in the internet dance craze while standing in soaked rice fields in southern India. They are shown dancing next to mud-splattered oxen dragging a plow. The video has been viewed all over the world millions of times since they posted it.

Their fame was further spurred on by The Daily Show host Trevor Noah after he reposted the video on social media accounts adding, “I think they just won the Keke challenge.”

Commenters praised the two men for participating in a safe manner and for the uniqueness of their attempt.

Instagram user @karthi0888 posted, “They took kiki challenge to a whole new level.”

Another user, @sudheer.achiever.1989, wrote, “Congrats team.. you got nation wide, sorry world wide appreciation for your thought and execution. Telangana pride.”

Geela and Tirupati were later interviewed by Indian news outlet The News Minute, where Geela revealed that it was harder than it looked to shoot the dance scene.

“We could have easily slipped and fallen. So we planned it and attempted it a few times, before shooting that video in one take.”

Law enforcement authorities are cracking down on the Kiki challenge and are advising people against the dangers of participating in it.