The Sizzling Video Of Iggy Azalea Twerking On Yacht Getaway With Tyga That Has The Internet On Fire

Iggy Azalea
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Iggy Azalea had a weekend to remember as she had a little getaway on a yacht with Tyga that turned into what looks a lot like an all-out party if Instagram photos and videos are any indicators. All weekend, Azalea had been posting super hot pics of herself wearing micro-bikinis from the angles that flattered her the most, to the delight of her 12.1 million fans following her on Instagram. But as the weekend drew nearer to ending, Azalea turned things up a notch, reminding everyone why she is the twerking queen with a super-hot video clip she had a friend shoot of her playing the role of rump-shaker extraordinaire.

The video proved particularly entertaining for many people, not just because Azalea put on a twerking clinic, but because a male party-goer in a speedo got right beside her and did his best to keep up with the 28-year-old Aussie rapper’s moves. According to fan response, despite not having much junk in the trunk, her unnamed dance partner had some serious skills as he kept the beat and didn’t miss a move while clinging to a pole next to her. The Daily Mail, said of the video, “There’s no denying that curvy star Iggy has been blessed in the booty department – with her backside seemingly defying the laws of gravity as she dances.”

It was reported by The Sun that during the wild night of partying, Azalea not only danced her way around the yacht, she kept the party going by rapping, and even jumping into the water for a little swimming and splashing fun. Thankfully for fans, it seems that almost everyone in attendance was taking loads of pictures and videos of the wild night. And as for Tyga, Kylie Jenner’s ex was reported as being on the yacht to enjoy all the fun, but there are no rumors that anything was going on between the pair as they have been good friends since 2009.

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Azalea has recently been keeping social media buzzing with a number of very racy pics and video clips of her twerking and generally having a good time in an effort to help promote her EP Save The Summer which has been enjoying excellent critical and commercial success. Overnight, with the party still going, Azalea hit Twitter to tell her fans that “Living your best life almost always includes a bikini,” to which fans chimed in with agreement and asked for more pics and clips of the songstress wearing one.