Jordan Peele’s ‘The Twilight Zone’ Officially Begins Production In 2018

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Fans of the movie Get Out, along with fans of The Twilight Zone, officially have a lot to be excited about. Jordan Peele is currently developing a new series for CBS that will be based on the iconic science-fiction show, which was originally created by writing legend Rod Serling and changed television forever.

According to Deadline Julie McNamara confirmed Jordan Peele and Simon Kinberg have a reboot of The Twilight Zone coming that will begin production towards the end of 2018. They also confirmed news that the series would consist of 10 episodes per season. The first 10 are apparently just about ready to be filmed.

Get Out explored controversial themes of racism and bigotry by way of using a horror and science-fiction premise, adding dark comedy to the mix. The idea of Jordan Peele entering The Twilight Zone as a show creator is likely a no-brainier for CBS considering the original incarnation of The Twilight Zone — which began in 1959 – was considered to be a notably progressive piece of television for its time.

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Original creator Rod Serling was famous for addressing concepts like bigotry, censorship, racism, and sexism, in a time where all four were much more socially accepted as norms than they are now.

The Twilight Zone ran for five seasons, though it was cancelled three times during its run. Rod Serling famously fought to get the sow reinstated twice, but upon the third cancellation had grown weary and let the show end. Serling died in 1975, but The Twilight Zone has since been adapted and re-adapted a number of times.

In 1983 director John Landis (An American Werewolf In London) adapted the series into a movie, along with fellow directors Steven Spielberg (Jaws), Joe Dante (Gremlins), and George Miller (Mad Max). Then in the 1985 CBS attempted a reboot of the series, which ran for three seasons.

In 2002, the network UPN had an unsuccessful attempt at reviving The Twilight Zone, as the reboot only lasted for a single season before being cancelled. Forest Whitaker hosted.

The Twilight Zone is an anthology series, where each episode is a self-contained story with virtually zero crossovers from episode to episode. It generally stays within the realm of science-fiction, but also veers into drama and horror. Most episodes contained some social or political commentary in the subtext.

Each episode was introduced by Rod Serling and would close with Serling giving an epilogue, of sorts, to tie up the ending and leave the viewer with a final thought to ponder.