‘The Bachelorette’ Couple Update: Becca Kufrin Shares Tidbits About What Comes Next With Final Rose Winner

Becca Kufrin and her fiance are sharing tidbits about what happens now that their 'Bachelorette' season is over

Paul Hebert / ABC

Becca Kufrin and her fiance are sharing tidbits about what happens now that their 'Bachelorette' season is over

It’s finally official: Becca Kufrin chose Garrett Yrigoyen on ABC’s The Bachelorette 2018 season and the two are happily engaged. Viewers watched Monday night as she struggled with her decision, but now that filming is behind them, Becca and Garrett are opening up about how things are going and what comes next.

People shares some tidbits from Becca Kufrin and Garrett Yrigoyen about the state of their relationship. The Bachelorette star said that she felt 100 percent herself with Garrett right away and she feels as if they are two puzzle pieces that click into place and fit perfectly. Yrigoyen says that he knew he needed her to be a part of his life because he loved her so much.

Becca and Garrett both shared on the After the Final Rose special that their hometown date is where things really solidified for them. Kufrin says that it hit her like a ton of bricks once she realized she loved him, and once she was able to finally tell him, the look on his face made all the difficult moments worth it.

The Bachelorette stars reveal that they will spend some time traveling now that they can be out in public together. As Hollywood Life details, Becca and Garrett explained during the ATFR that they would spend some time in Minnesota with her family, and then they would head to Reno where he currently lives. After that, they are likely moving together to California, but they aren’t tackling wedding plans quite yet.

It sounds as if the Bachelorette lovebirds are excited to head someplace that is new to both of them, and Becca said that they’ll find a “happy medium” that suits both of their styles. Kufrin noted that she loves the city, while Yrigoyen is more of an outdoorsy guy, and they’re confident they’ll find the right spot where they can put down roots together.

Yrigoyen and Kufrin did face some challenges as their season aired when some questionable social media activity of his emerged. They talked during the ATFR about how Garrett worried that he might lose Becca over it, but the Bachelorette says she never considered ending the relationship. Ultimately, Kufrin explained, she feels that working through this situation together made them even stronger.

Will Becca Kufrin and Garrett Yrigoyen manage to go the distance with their Bachelorette engagement and eventually get married? She says she’s confident that they’re going to have a good life together, and fans certainly are rooting for their success.