Corgi Learns How To Surf As Physical Therapy After Attack

Jeff LewisAP Images

When many people think of Welsh Corgis, they think of Queen Elizabeth, but Jojo is a California Corgi with loads of followers on Instagram who enjoys a day on the waves on his surfboard. In 2014, Jojo was attacked along with his owner, Josephine Hearn, by two dogs, and surfing has helped him regain muscle tone as a form of therapy.

The Daily Mail says that Jojo, along with his GoPro, rides the waves capturing some cute video of the wet and wild herding dog. Jojo is now a social media star with 75k followers on Instagram. Josephine Hearn was walking to the park with Jojo four years ago, and they were both attacked by two unleashed dogs.

Heard was left with a hand injury and Jojo had physical and mental scars that nearly cost Hearn her savings. Hydrotherapy was a big help for Jojo, and so Josephine and her husband Ryan started taking Jojo to the beach to swim. They explain that one day they balanced him on a surfboard and found that he seemed to enjoy it.

Josephine said she started filming Jojo’s surfing lessons and posting them on Instagram, and a star in a shark wetsuit was born.

Jojo now rides the waves seemingly with a smile on his face. The Welsh Corgi has surfed in California and Hawaii so far and has now become a therapy dog visiting with others at hospitals.

“We love being in the water we get to bond and it’s just fun being able to spend time together.”

Jojo and Josephine visit military veterans, the elderly, and people at rehab centers. Jojo also enjoys visiting his local library where children read to him.

Welsh Corgis are traditionally used for cattle herding, and as a breed, they are known for having a lot of personality. Over that last year, Corgis have been caught on tape doing some interesting things, like riding on horseback. In February, a woman named Callie Schenker came home to see her neighbor’s Corgi jump up on her pony and ride away.

Check out the video of Jojo the Corgi surfing.