Hacktivist Collective Anonymous Vows To Expose And Take Down QAnon With #OpQ and #OpQAnon

gualtiero boff / Shutterstock

Many members of the hacktivist collective known as Anonymous have been annoyed by the QAnon conspiracy theory for some time now, and just as QAnon is beginning to reach critical mass, Anonymous is ready to strike. It would appear that the Anonymous agenda has room to expose and take down QAnon on their busy schedule. Anonymous has been known for being on the right side of most issues, and they believe this is one more opportunity for them to stop what they refer to as “misinformed people” from being taken advantage of by the people behind QAnon.

As Anonymous often does, the message was delivered via a video with a digital voice-over. The video has people wearing the famous Anonymous Guy Fawkes mask acting out various scenes that are linked to the QAnon conspiracy theory to announce #OpQ and #OpQAnon according to MSN. Anonymous claims that they know who is behind QAnon, and while they thought it was all funny at first, they are worried that it has taken a turn for the worse and is becoming serious in the sense that it is going to lead to people getting hurt.

For anyone new to QAnon, it is basically a loose collection of conspiracy theories that claim the existence of a “deep state” and Trump’s plan to dismantle it. While Anonymous is generally apolitical, when it comes to President Donald Trump, they have firmly voiced their opposition to him being in such a position of power, while not advocating specifically for anyone else.

When the combined technological and intellectual might that is Anonymous is focused on a task, the odds are they will achieve it. According to TechWorm, Anonymous has been the brain and computing power behind a number of initiatives such as exposing white supremacists, Project Chanology against Scientology, Dark Discovery that took down a ring of child pornographers, and Trump and ISIS website take-downs in 2015. There isn’t much that they have not been able to do once a mission has been declared, which is why QAnon may be grinding to a halt in the very near future.

Even if Anonymous exposes Q and QAnon, there will likely be a number of people that will still subscribe to the conspiracy theory even if it is debunked. Some simply will not care, others will claim it is a lie, and others will weave it into the fabric of the conspiracy theory itself. Whatever comes of it, Anonymous is determined to do their part before anyone gets hurt.