And We Wonder Why Web 2.0 Gets Laughed At

At the best of times I am really ambivalent about this whole Web 2.0 and social media stuff that is sitting on the edge of the toilet as we speak due to the current economic situation. In most cases there are more than a few original ideas that do actually serve a useful function and make our lives a little easier. In other cases though they are nothing more than copy cat wastes of time. However, there is a segment of services that are so stupidly outlandish and totally ridiculous that you want to do nothing more than find the people responsible, take them out behind the woodshed and slap them silly.

It is exactly this class of services where I would put this insanely stupid idea of a site whose only purpose is to forewarn you of when your female life partner; or girlfriend, is going to be consumed by the throws of PMS. Yes you read that right. Some twit with an Internet connection thought it would be a really good idea to grab the domain name and inflict his brilliant idea upon the world.

Apparently after you sign up and enter in the date of your female friend’s late attack of the dreaded PMS monster you will be able to have an email sent to you in advance of the impending arrival of Mother Nature’srevenge on mankind. As well you can elect to receive a list of hints of things you can buy the afflicted woman in order to easy the pain – hers and yours.

I could understand this if it was a joke. It would be a cruel and tasteless one but hey some people trip that way. However the author of this horrendous idea seems to think that it has positive merit even though it did come out of a night at the bar. the only good thing is that given the current economic downturn the chances of getting any VC dollars to take this thing social has vanished. It really is no wonder why people snicker when they hear the words Web 2.0 and social media with things like this floating around.