‘Bachelorette’ Finale Spoilers: Becca Says Relationship With Blake Most Consistent, Strongest Since First Week

Monday's 'Bachelorette' finale will reveal Becca Kufrin's choice between Blake Horstmann and Garrett Yrigoyen

2018 'Bachelorette' stars Becca Kufrin and Blake Horstmann
Paul Hebert / ABC

Monday's 'Bachelorette' finale will reveal Becca Kufrin's choice between Blake Horstmann and Garrett Yrigoyen

Both Blake Horstmann and Garrett Yrigoyen will be heading into Becca Kufrin’s final rose ceremony hoping that they are the one she chooses, but one of them will be left stunned and heartbroken. The Bachelorette star has already admitted she’s in love with both men, and a new sneak peek by ABC shares some additional insights into her struggle.

ABC shared a preview from Monday night’s finale, detailing some of Becca Kufrin’s innermost thoughts about Blake Horstmann and Garrett Yrigoyen. Viewers have seen that both of these men became early frontrunners and they both have developed fantastic relationships with Kufrin. However, in this new Bachelorette spoiler clip, Becca breaks down some of the differences in her relationships with each suitor.

Kufrin notes that since the first week, her relationship with Horstmann has been the most consistent. The Bachelorette star can also be heard saying in the clip that her relationship with Blake has also been the strongest since the beginning.

Becca says that she feels a pull toward Blake and it’s as if their hearts just recognize one another. The Bachelorette spoilers detail that Kufrin even admits in the clip that because of those tidbits, she always thought that Horstmann would be the one she would choose in the end.

However, Becca’s relationship with Garrett is strong too and Kufrin acknowledges that she’s torn. She says that her relationship with Yrigoyen did start more slowly than the one with Horstmann. In the preview, the Bachelorette says that as they’ve spent more time together, Becca has seen more sides to Garrett.

As Kufrin has gotten to know Yrigoyen better, the Bachelorette has come to believe that she can really see her future with him. Their relationship may have gotten off to what felt like a slow start to her, but she says that it’s kept growing and growing throughout filming.

Despite having known for a bit now that she loves both Blake and Garrett, Becca has been cautious in letting either of them know how strong her feelings are. The Bachelorette explains in the sneak peek that she didn’t want to do to them what Arie Luyendyk Jr. did to her during their Bachelor season, where he told both Becca and Lauren Burnham he loved them.

Becca notes that the moment she does tell her final rose recipient that she loves him will be all that more special as a result of her not sharing her feelings before this. However, one of these two Bachelorette suitors is about to be left heartbroken by Kufrin’s rejection. In fact, ABC executive Robert Mills tweeted that this finale will have an absolutely devastating goodbye and fans are bracing themselves for the devastation ahead.

Will Becca Kufrin pick Blake Horstmann, who she thought she’d choose from early on in filming, or will she go with Garrett Yrigoyen, who became a solid contender much more slowly? ABC’s The Bachelorette 2018 finale airs Monday, August 6, and spoilers suggest that this will be both beautiful and brutal.