‘Little People, Big World’ Roloff Family Gathers For Quiet Vacation Far Away From Home

Amy Roloff and her extended family are having a blast at a reunion in Michigan and the 'LPBW' stars are sharing lots of updates.

Tori Roloff shares pic of baby Jackson
Tori Roloff / Instagram

Amy Roloff and her extended family are having a blast at a reunion in Michigan and the 'LPBW' stars are sharing lots of updates.

Most of the Little People, Big World family has gathered for a reunion in Michigan and it looks like they are having an amazing time. The LPBW crew is sharing lots of updates via Instagram and it seems that everybody is relaxed and enjoying the change of scenery.

Tori Roloff shared a post on Instagram detailing that they are visiting Mackinac Island in Michigan. She put up a photo showing her with husband Zach and baby Jackson, and she said that Zach has been talking about the area since the day she met him. This is the first time Tori has been able to travel to Mackinac Island to check it out, and she noted that she’s glad she got to show it to Jackson too.

The Little People, Big World star also shared some precious moments via her Instagram Stories. Tori showed one family photo that included Amy, Jacob, his fiancée Izzy, Audrey, Jeremy, Ember, Tori, Zach, and Jackson, along with rarely-seen Molly and Molly’s husband Joel. Roloff noted that she loved that crew and it was a gorgeous photo of everybody gathered in front of the water.

Other photos of Tori’s showed Jackson with his Grandma Amy throwing rocks into the water along with a sweet photo of the Roloff “sisters” – Tori, Audrey, Izzy, and Molly. Zach doesn’t typically post to Instagram quite as often as his wife, but the Little People, Big World star couldn’t pass up the chance to share an amazing photo of Jackson sitting at the edge of the water in Michigan.

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Audrey shared some updates via her Instagram Stories as well. Roloff noted that there are no cars allowed on Mackinac Island, so it seems that she and Jeremy had been taking some intense bike rides during there time there. She shared the same family photo that Tori did and noted that day was one of the best days she’s had in a long time.

A short video clip that Audrey posted to her Instagram Stories showed the family gathered in a cabin and everybody looked fully relaxed. Zach can be seen paging through a photo album and an Insta Story on Jeremy’s page shows the family a bit later at night with Ember sleeping as Audrey carried her, exhausted by the full day of activity.

Amy also shared some updates via her Instagram page, including a photo showing her with her boyfriend Chris, who joined the Roloff family on the trip. This was a family reunion for Amy’s side of the family and the Little People, Big World star noted that they were visiting her folks’ cabin in Michigan. The LPBW star said that they had the best time and made some great memories together, and she noted that they’ll be returning down the road.

Even Jacob, the youngest Roloff sibling, shared some tidbits from the trip. He shared a picture on Instagram detailing that his grandfather designed and built the cabin they were visiting, and he said that he’ll be 90-years-old this coming January. Jacob went on to talk about all of the things he’s learned from his grandpa, and he added that he’s following one of his grandfather’s life rules by planning to marry Izzy, who keeps him on the straight and narrow.

There is a new season of Little People, Big World coming to TLC, although Jeremy and Audrey have said they’re bowing out and moving on to other projects. In addition, Jeremy and Izzy have said that their upcoming wedding absolutely will not be on LPBW. Luckily, Tori, Zach, and Jackson aren’t ready to leave the show and Amy and Matt will be around as well. Stay tuned for a return date for the show as well as for updates on the Roloff family as they share what comes next for each of them.