Motorola Cliq Sales Fall Short Of Goals Amid Issues, Lack Of Interest

Motorola Cliq Smartphone

The Motorola Cliq hasn’t performed at the sales levels expected by the devices manufacturer. The Cliq, which debuted with battery issues (a very short battery life), saw sales decrease after that issue was discovered and T-Mobile apparently lost interest in the device as others debuted.

As pointed out by Electronista:

The Cliq’s MOTOBLUR interface has also been criticized by some users. Early reports noted difficulty with social networking features, along with a cramped keyboard and a comparatively small screen.

T-Mobile is denying that they’ve lost interest in the device, even defending sales number, Spokesperson Alexandra Trask told FierceWireless:

“That couldn’t be farther from the truth. This is a device we’re really excited about for the holiday season,” she told FierceWireless. Users should expect an over-the-air firmware update to address the hardware problems, although Trask claims the batteries have not performed below expectations.

We wouldn’t feel to bad for Motorola though, analysts are still putting numbers somewhere around 750,000 by the end of the quarter for the Motorola Droid, a much better received and all around better device.