Bikini Model Galinka Mirgaeva Enjoying A Coffee In Lingerie Sets The Internet On Fire

There are few things the people of Instagram seem to enjoy more than a good coffee to start the week, but one of those things is bikini models if follower numbers are any indication. When you couple the two together, and then put the bikini model in some sexy lingerie to enjoy her coffee while lounging outdoors, you’ve hit the trifecta for Instagram success and created the potential to set the internet on fire. That’s exactly what Russian bikini model Galinka Mirgaeva did, and her fans and followers sure do seem happy about it.

At the age of 31, Mirgaeva may not be the youngest bikini model around, but that doesn’t mean she can’t deliver when the cameras are rolling. Born in central Russia’s Perm Krai region, the 5-foot-10 ball of energy told The Sun that she spends her days eating healthy, working out a lot, and snapping piles of photos of her fit physique to share on Instagram and Twitter. She said that she enjoys doing her shoots at her home, around the pool, or on the beach when possible, so that she can share her photos of a healthy lifestyle on social media to help promote fitness and healthy living choices.

It’s not just all bikini photos for Mirgaeva. She does do some photos where she is barely clothed or nude lounging in bed, but always covered by just enough of a sheet to leave what lies beneath to the imagination. Then there are her exercise videos in which she displays the proper stretching routine to provide maximum benefits when preparing for a workout, or just to stay toned and tight. Her name, Galinka, means joyful, and she says that she hopes she is spreading that with her photos.

According to, Mirgaeva is a brand ambassador for Skinny Bunny Tea products, a gig she picked up in part due to her large social media following and desire to educate people on healthy choices. In 2016, she rose to fame when FHM did a 12-photo feature of her and named her one of their sexiest Instagram ladies of the month. pointed out that despite comparisons to Angelina Jolie, Mirgaeva never tried to mimic her look, and instead has always sought to let her individuality shine through, as she encourages others to do as well.

Over the past several years, she has amassed 2.3 million Instagram followers. According to LearnMoreFacts, her father is a farmer and her mother is a primary school teacher. She is unwed and has maintained privacy when it comes to her personal life as much as possible.