Becca Kufrin May Have Already Revealed Wedding Date With ‘Bachelorette’ Winner Garrett Yrigoyen

Months before their engagement was announced, Becca dropped a major hint about when the two could be getting hitched.

Becca may have accidentally revealed her wedding date with Bachelorette winner Garrett.
Paul Hebert / ABC

Months before their engagement was announced, Becca dropped a major hint about when the two could be getting hitched.

Becca Kufrin was still weeks away from officially revealing her engagement with Bachelorette winner Garrett Yrigoyen when she may have accidentally — or intentionally — leaked their wedding date.

Though Becca did her part in keeping the outcome of her Bachelorette season under wraps ahead of Monday’s season finale, there were a number of spoilers indicating that she picked Garrett. That was the word from insider Reality Steve, who has correctly named the winner of nearly every season of the Bachelor/Bachelorette franchise. TMZ also shared pictures of what appeared to be a proposal with Becca and Garret standing together (though this was never exactly confirmed to be the proposal itself).

Going into Monday’s Bachelorette finale, there was high confidence in the spoiler that Garrett Yrigoyen would be the winner, so many fans started to dig in a quest to find more about the couple’s plans. While many season of both the Bachelor and Bachelorette already have breakup rumors by the time the couple announces their engagement to millions of viewers, this year Becca and Garrett seem to be going strong.

But fans believe they have uncovered even more about the Bachelorette engagement between Becca and Garrett, including the wedding date. The hint came after a question that Bachelor producer Elan Gale asked on Twitter — when was the last time you danced the Macarena? As Life & Style noted, Becca gave a cryptic reply: “September 8, 2018, approximately 11:37 p.m. CST.”

Fans thought that could be a hint of a wedding date, as the dance is a staple at weddings, Becca is from the Central Standard Time Zone, and September 8 falls on a Saturday. Many asked Becca Kufrin if she had meant to pick a date in the future and if that was her wedding, but she soon deleted the tweet (though not before Life & Style grabbed a screenshot). That only led to more speculation, with some fans theorizing that ABC may have gotten in Becca’s ear and made her get rid of the tweet.

It remains to be seen whether the pair will actually get married on that date, but fans are hoping that whenever it happens, they will get to see it. Ahead of Monday’s finale and throughout the season, many openly wished for a televised wedding, a rarity for the Bachelorette franchise.

So far, Becca Kufrin and Garrett Yrigoyen have not released any exact plans for where or when their Bachelorette wedding could take place.