Ohio Woman Attacked When Left Alone In Courtroom With Accused Harasser

Summit County, OH – An Ohio woman was attacked when left alone in a courtroom with the man she was just granted a civil protection order (CPO) against. Surveillance video captured the attack on the unnamed woman. A bailiff ran into the room shortly after the attack took place and tasered Rashad Greene.

The attack on the unnamed woman began after the magistrate left the room to deal with paperwork related to the case, NewsNet5 reports. Magistrate Tracy Stoner was reportedly checking on warrants for Greene. In the Ohio courtroom surveillance video, Green is shown in what appears to be an agitated state. The Summit County man is shown pounding his hands on a table, The Blaze notes.

Green ultimately jumps from his chair and chases his ex-girlfriend around the courtroom. Chairs are knocked over, and the woman trips and falls to the grounds. Just after she gathers herself from the floor, Rashad is shown slamming her back onto the ground. Greene’s grandmother is also reportedly visible in the video as she tries to get between the former couple.

The bailiff views the incident on a monitor outside the courtroom and rushes inside to help. Greene is shot with a taser gun during the attack. Although the unnamed woman suffered no serious injuries from the attack, she was reportedly very upset that she was left alone with Greene.

The Ohio woman had this to say after the attack:

“I went there, I told the magistrate I was in fear for my life and that I had children to take care of. Once the judge walked out, I was in fear. He could have choked me out. He could have taken any type of objet and stabbed me anywhere with it. I was just thinking of my life.”

The victim was treated and released from a local hospital. Green was sentenced to 30 days in jail for the courthouse assault. The community outreach director for the Summit County Court noted that new safety policies are being looked into to offer increased protection during hearings.

What do you think about the Ohio woman being attacked when left alone in the courtroom with her accused harasser?