‘The Bachelorette’ Spoilers: Becca And Garrett’s Last-Chance Date Leaves Them Feeling On Top Of The World

Paul Hebert / ABC

Monday night, fans of ABC’s The Bachelorette 2018 season will finally see for certain whether Becca Kufrin picks Garrett Yrigoyen or Blake Horstmann. Heading into this Season 14 finale, she has admitted that she’s fallen for both men, and viewers anticipate plenty of tears throughout this August 6 show. A new sneak peek of Becca and Garrett’s last-chance date, however, shows that it’s nothing but love during this outing between the two.

ABC shares a preview of Becca Kufrin and Garrett Yrigoyen’s last Bachelorette date. The two are on a yacht out in the water and they are clearly at ease and enjoying this time together.

Spoilers from the preview indicate that viewers will hear Becca talk about how Garrett is a ball of positive energy who is full of life, and she’s clearly quite attracted to these qualities in him. Kufrin will also admit that there have already been numerous moments where she’s realized she’s in love with Yrigoyen and can see forever with him.

As Garrett and Becca enjoy their time on the yacht, Yrigoyen will notice some dolphins swimming right next to them. Kufrin will be thrilled to have the chance to watch them, noting that this is like heaven to her. In a moment away from Becca, Garrett will admit that he can’t even put into words how she makes him feel.

As Bachelorette viewers know, Garrett was married once before, but the marriage ended just a few months after the wedding. As Yrigoyen embraces this final date with Kufrin, he’ll talk about how he’s never felt this way about someone before. He’ll say that he’s on top of the world at this moment, joking about how maybe it’s the girl or maybe it’s the equator that’s leading to that feeling.

At this point, Yrigoyen thinks that Kufrin is everything that he’s always dreamed of finding. The Bachelorette spoilers tease that Becca and Garrett will drink some champagne, watch the dolphins, and leap into the ocean together during this excursion and there will be some steamy kisses along the way.

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Heading into Monday’s finale, Garrett posted a picture on Instagram showing him on that yacht with Becca in the Maldives. He noted that when he jumps, she jumps, and it looks like his note and hashtags signal an equal partnership with Kufrin that certainly could be taken as a hint about where things stand now between them.

Will Becca Kufrin pick Garrett Yrigoyen and will they be able to take those feelings of love from the Maldives and carry them forward in their real-world relationship? Spoilers hint that there are great moments ahead in this Season 14 Bachelorette finale and it all plays out Monday night on ABC.