Bullet Ricochets Off Boar, Kills Man A Mile Away

Boar hunting can be a seriously dangerous sport. Not only are boars large, fierce animals, but apparently they’re also bullet repellent A hunter’s bullet ricocheted off of a boar in France and killed a man more than a mile away.

According to the French site The Local, a hunter shot a wild boar early Sunday morning. But instead of killing the boar, the bullet ricocheted off the animal, flew more than a mile away, shot through the window of a passing car, and struck the driver in the head.

Guy Harlé d’Ophove, president of the local hunters’ federation, said:

“It’s unheard-of … The bullet rebounded [off the boar] at almost a right angle. In terms of probability, it’s very unlikely.”

The police in France haven’t called the hunting party a group of liars yet but the local prosecution said that “everything remains to be clarified.” Police did say that the alleged shooter, a 68-year-old hunter, was an “experienced and level-headed” hunter.

An autopsy is currently being carried out on the victim. Police are also searching the field where the boar was shot to look for more clues about this strange incident.

Do you believe the hunters? Do you believe that a bullet could ricochet off of a wild boar, fly over a mile, and then kill a man?