WWE News: Video Of The Miz Lambasting Daniel Bryan In E! News Interview, Calls Bryan’s Return A ‘100% Bust’

WWE superstars The Miz and Daniel Bryan.

There is no love lost between WWE superstars The Miz and Daniel Bryan, at least, storyline wise. Though the WWE hasn’t officially booked the match, as the Inquisitr reported, it looks like The Miz and Daniel Bryan will likely square off at SummerSlam.

As seen in the video below, The Miz and Maryse were recently interviewed by E! News, and “The A-Lister” went off on Daniel Bryan. Though the segment is kayfabe, there may be some kernels of truth in Miz’s statements. Kayfabe or not, per his usual, The Miz provided an entertaining promo.

The former WWE champion said that Daniel Bryan is very good at being endearing, and Maryse added that fans want to root for him because he’s an underdog. The Miz said that Daniel Bryan was one of the best in-ring performers, but that was four years ago. The WWE superstar said that he is misunderstood and that there’s two sides of Daniel Bryan, the reality star side, and the wrestler side. Miz believes that he is the good guy in the situation, regardless of fans’ perception.

The Miz then commented on the famed incident on Talking Smack, where Miz cut a career-making promo on Daniel Bryan. He recalled how Daniel said that he has a soft style of wrestling, and how Bryan called him a coward. The Miz told E! News that a coward is not someone who goes right in your face and tells you exactly how it is, which is exactly what “The A-Lister” did on Talking Smack.

“The A-Lister” said that he was hoping that Daniel Bryan was going to respond in a physical manner on Talking Smack, as Mandatory reported.

“Was he fighting for his dreams that day when he walked out? No. He walked out on me and everybody. I thought he was going to hit me, I was hoping he was going to hit me but no he walked out like the coward he is. So, you know, I sit here and I get a little furious. I get a little agitated.”

The Miz then told E! News that he thinks Bryan’s long-awaited return has been a complete bust, as documented by Mandatory.

“Do you think Daniel Bryan’s return from injury has been amazing or has been a bust? A complete 100% bust. Everything that I say is the truth and nobody else seems to understand that and I don’t get it.”

The Miz stated that it was cool when the WWE universe would chant “Yes” four years ago, but The Miz said that fans should evolve, “because I have.”