Tom Arnold Ready For Donald Trump To Resign, Tells Him ‘Tweet The F-ing Pee Pee Tape’ And Get This Over With

The comedian is on a quest to find and release a number of videos he claims show Trump's racism and sexual escapades.

Tom Arnold Tells Donald Trump To Just 'Tweet The F-ing Pee Pee Tape' And Get This Over With
Richard Shotwell/Invision / AP Images

The comedian is on a quest to find and release a number of videos he claims show Trump's racism and sexual escapades.

Tom Arnold is ready to cut to the chase — finally seeing Donald Trump’s “pee pee tape” and likely ending his presidency.

The actor took to Twitter on Sunday to call out Trump, one of his favorite targets, and taunt him about releasing the infamous alleged video showing him in some strange acts with a group of Russian prostitutes. Arnold was responding to a tweet Trump had sent blaming California wildfires on the state’s environmental laws, showing that he is apparently done with the president’s divisiveness and ready to see it all come to an end.

“Just tweet the F-ing Pee Pee Tape & get this over with [Donald Trump],” Arnold wrote.

Interestingly, Tom Arnold has been one of the very first people to talk about the rumors of an explicit video of Trump during his trip to Russia. Arnold brought it up back in December, 2016, long before the release of the sordid Steele Dossier that claimed Trump instructed prostitutes to urinate on a bed in Moscow that Barack and Michelle Obama had slept in.

At the time, Arnold hinted that he had seen (or even had possession) of tapes that would be devastating to Donald Trump.

Arnold also made reference to the long-rumored outtakes from Donald Trump’s time on The Apprentice that showed the real estate mogul spewing racist slurs.

“When the people sent it to me, it was funny,” Arnold said of the videos, via the Los Angeles Times.

“He wasn’t going to be president of the United States. It was him sitting in that chair using the N-word, using the C-word, calling his son [intellectually disabled],” Arnold added.

He has since claimed that The Apprentice producer Mark Burnett is keeping tight wraps on the tapes at Trump’s request, saying he will not give up in his quest to have them released. Arnold said he wants to see Trump resign from office, and hopes that will be the end result of his efforts.

“I want to do this until he resigns. He’s a crazy person putting the country on the precipice of war. Things are going on right now that affect our world and that are scary,” Arnold said in a Q&A session for the show, via Deadline.

Tom Arnold has since turned the quest to find and release those tapes into a career opportunity of his own. As Deadline reported, he is featured in a new Viceland series called The Hunt for the Trump Tapes with Tom Arnold, in which Arnold makes attempts to find not only the Apprentice tapes, but the “pee pee tape” as well.