Tristan Thompson Thinks He & Draymond Green Could Fight Again During NBA Season, Per ‘Hollywood Life’

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Fans can’t stop talking about Tristan Thompson and Draymond Green’s alleged nightclub fight after the Espy Awards last month. Now, it seems things could be even more heated when the new NBA season starts back up in October.

According to a recent report by Hollywood Life, Tristan Thompson allegedly believes that he and Draymond Green could easily get into another scuffle on the court during the upcoming season. In fact, he is expecting tempers to flare up when his Cleveland Cavaliers take on Green’s Golden State Warriors during the season.

Sources tell the outlet that Thompson expects trash talking and wouldn’t be surprised to see more harsh words and physical altercations fly between himself and Green when their paths cross on and off the court. He’s still allegedly angry about everything that happened last season and is said to be holding a grudge against Draymond.

“Tristan is actually surprised that the incident with Draymond after the ESPYS is just now coming out. It happened but was such a quick moment that it was cleared up within minutes. Emotions have flared up on multiple occasions now between the two that Tristan really expects their feud to roll over to next season and he wouldn’t be surprised if they fought again,” an insider revealed.

“There will be at least some technical fouls to worry about. Everyone should have their eyes glued to the games between Cleveland and Golden State next year because something is going to go down. It’s unfortunate because Draymond wants to clear the air but Tristan isn’t letting it go, so the heat is on for future scuffles,” the source added.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Tristan Thompson and Draymond Green’s feud dates back to the 2018 NBA Finals. The pair had been going hard at each other on the court, and things escalated with trash talk and a bit of a physical altercation where Tristan shoved the basketball into Draymond’s face. After the series was over, Green refused to shake Thompson’s hand.

Draymond also told the media during a press conference that he couldn’t fight with Tristan on the court or in an arena due to being punished. However, the Golden State Warrior claimed he’d like to meet him in the street, which is seemingly what happened when the two were at the same party following the Espy Awards.

Sources claim that Draymond Green approached Tristan Thompson to apologize for his behavior during the Finals, but that Tristan wasn’t ready to accept the apology. Instead, Thompson got aggressive, and the two had to be broken up by superstars LeBron James and Kevin Durant.

It remains to be seen if the two men will carry over their beef into the new season, but fans will be watching for any signs of tension.